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Wife Wants a Third


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My wife, Valentina, is very sexy woman. We have been married for twelve years and still have a very active sex life. She has always been very open about sex, and I knew that she had had several men before we were married.
One day I got up the courage to ask her if she had ever wanted to fuck two men at once. To my complete surprise she admitted that she not only wanted to, but had a guy in mind that she worked with. That was her workmate and she said that he was a very hot looking guy who turned her on. We decided to invite him over one night and see where things would lead.
Alessandro arrived that night and we sat in the living room and started to talk having a few drinks at the same time. He was in his early 20s and had quite an athletic build. He was also black! After a while, Valentina and I started making out. I could see that Alessandro was interested and did not seem uncomfortable at all. Valentina started rubbing my cock through my pants and I could see Alessandro started stirring anxiously in his chair, but he did not take his eyes off of us. I had wondered if a guy was really into fucking my wife because she was his workmate after all, but he was sure interested and very horny. Suddenly Valentina had my dick out of my pants and started sucking as if her life depended on it.
“Alessandro, would you like to come to our bedroom and get some fun? Valentina said softly wiping a bit of spit from the corner of her mouth.
Alessandro could only nod his head and we retired to our bedroom. I took Valentina’s shorts off and revealed her blonde bush. She no longer shaved her pussy for me. Her ass was still beautiful, even if it was larger than it was when I first knew her. I ripped her shirt off and undid her bra, releasing her big tits. I kissed Valentina and then she turned her attention to Alessandro as he stood there fumbling with his zipper. Valentina quickly removed his pants and took his cock into her mouth. Alessandro looked stunned as my wife began to suck him off. I felt the same way watching her give head to another man for the first time. Alessandro’s body was very muscular. I noticed that his black hard cock was about eight inches long and very thick. He had a couple of inches bigger than me. And much thicker than my cock! Valentina’s lips slid hungrily up and down his shaft, which glistened from her saliva. Valentina stopped sucking for a moment and muttered:
“Fuck me, darling, fuck me!”
Valentina got into bed and spread her legs. I touched her cunt and found it already wet and super hot. My cock slid right into her. Alessandro came to the side of the bed and put his cock in her face. She kissed the head of his dick and started to suck it once more. I could not believe this was happening. We were grinding our genitals together like mad.
Quite suddenly I heard a slurp as Valentina took her mouth off of Alessandro’s cock:
“Alessandro, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like with that big, black cock!”
Alessandro looked at me and I gave him a nod. We changed positions and my wife started sucking my cock. I watched as Alessandro rubbed his cock on Valentina’s slit and then gave her its entirety. She stopped blowing me and gasped. She had never had a cock that big before.
“Oh God, oh fuck!” she whimpered.
I watched as this young stud pounded my wife’s pussy. His slick cock sliding into her beautiful pussy lips made me so hot. Valentina recovered and started blowing me again. I ran my fingers through her short blonde hair. I couldn’t take it any longer and shot my load in her mouth. Valentina sucked my cock for a short while longer and let the cum dribble down my shaft. She hadn’t swallowed my cum for a long time. Alessandro was still inside her cunt.
“Do you like my pussy Alessandro?” Valentina asked.
“Oh yeah, babe! I have never had pussy like this before…” he said as he fucked away.
“You like fucking your dirty workmate, don’t you?” she asked him with lowering voice. But he didn’t reply. At this moment Alessandro groaned:
“I’m going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”
“yes, I want you cum all over my face! Cum all over me!” my wife pleaded.
Alessandro followed her instructions and blew his thick load all over her. I could see his huge loads of cum landing all across my lovely wife’s face and she was enjoying it all! He laid on top of her and kissed her tits passionately. It was a beautiful sight: another man’s cum draining out of my wife’s beautiful face, contorted with lust!
We laid there for a while before Alessandro said that he better get going. Valentina asked if she could give him head once more. He agreed without hesitation. I watched as she sucked him off. Alessandro came and this time Valentina swallowed every drop.

Mmm very horny ive seen pictures of my wife recently she doesnt know I have seen but one day I am hoping to be invited into the fold but knowing my wife she is testing the water first. Loved these pics allways dreamed of holding my wifes legs back while she enjoyed a well hung bull.
Once my black coworkers found out my wife was available to the black male population she had many more than three throughout our marriage. I always took a backseat to the black male population when it came to my wife the black men had priority over my wife.
I have always gladly given her up to black man anytime they wanted her.