wife wants a black baby

my wife is about to turn 40 and went black about 2 years ago,,,now with her time running out.... she has meet a black guy at work,,he wants a baby and asked her if she will carry his seed,,, she said no at first,,but after awhile she now wants to...she used to make wear a condom..not anymore.....she now lets him shoot deep in her... and will not let me fuck her at all.....she said she wants to make sure it will be his baby..she has told me to accept it or leave, we have three kids together...i was angry at first but now.. i have acceppted it...she is a good mother...and after thinking about it..it seems natural for a white women to want black babys..when she sees a white women with a black baby she gets jealous..she says its a desire so deep in her to be black bred..she cant explain it....but she is going to do it,,she is going to the doctor to get some fertility pills ,,because they have been trying now for 3 months and no luck yet... is any other men out there going thru anything like this..
she got her pills

well she did it,,, got her doc to prescribe fertility pills..he gave her twice the dose because of her age..he said she may have twins..if it works..she has to wait like 7 days after her peroid,,and then she should be fertile....,,i had talked myself into letting her have one baby,,but twins..wow... dont know if i can handle that many....she said one is good ..but her black stud said 2 is even better....they are going to get a room on the day she is to fertile,,she plans on spending the night with him...he told her he would cum in her at least 6 times the night they hook up......she said he is saving up his stuff... ...she told me she wants me to watch him seed her,, but i will have to leave when he says to... she says she loves me ..but wants this so bad,,,she doesnt know why its so strong,,she cant control it,, she cant stop thinking about it....he makes her feel like she never has felt before,,,,he is 9 inches long..and very thick...she has past out from cumming by big dick,,.and squrits like crazy,,he is the only man that can make her do this,,she said she will give him what ever he wants to make him happy..should i watch him impregnate my wife,,,she said it would show that i loved her and support her decision...i liked to watch her with black guys,,but never thought it would go this far..dont under estimate the power of a bbc...
I am a married hispanic woman married to a white man we have been trying for over 3 years to concieve and even with all the fertility drugs I am on, he just doesn't seem to be able to get the job done. I have always wanted a mixed race baby, but most of my white friends have the same problem with their husbans(low sperm count). I want a baby soo bad. is their any black men out here interested in breeding. I love my husban very much but i really need a baby. We have talked and have decided it is for the best. He will be obstaining from sex for the duration. Also he will be present for my safety. Soo if any of you guys are interested my name is tanya i live in georgia hispanic professional weigh 130 5 ft 4 and i love sex especiall big black ones (only ever had a black dildo..love it)
My wife had a baby by a guy we did not know we brought her up as though she was our own she had the best of everything even if we knew it was we would've not ask him for any financial help.

When people play these games they have to be aware of the responsibilities financially as well as bringing their baby up properly. My wife and I were well aware of our activities and what could result from them.
I agree with Cuckoldcouple not to rain on anyones fantasy but your stepping into an entirely different world and guess what your bringing your children in with you. So now when they grow up they have to face what you did. Imagine sitting down at the table and telling your children when they are old enough to figure it out or how it would feel if you were that baby if your parents did that to you...wow Prepare to have a possible wedge driven between yourself and your children..might not happen that way but if my parents did that to me Id be 100% pissed. Just sayn Sex is sex children are a different ball game.
My wife and I have been down that road everything worked out just fine. It's always best to be upfront when you doing this stuff from the start, that way there are no hard feelings later on in life.