Wife to Hotwife to Wife to Cheating wife :)


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We now fit into this thread , I introduced my wife to BBC not thinking she would want moor , how wrong I was .

We were visiting a art exhibition when she stopped to look at a nude painting , it was an African black man holding his shield above his head extremely fit and exposing a huge cock , I moved on she stayed , sometime later I went back to find her , there she was talking to a black man still at the painting , his name was Earl and the artist , we went for coffee and he explained that it was a self portrait , Kim was acting strange until I realized she liked what she saw , she now was trying to get his attention in a different way and it was working.

Earl asked if we would like to see moor of his paintings back at his studio , Kim quickly answered yes and we left , in the Taxi they sat in the back as I had the front as they chatted I noticed he had his hand stroking her thigh.

In the studio he took her to his paintings as I put the kettle on for tea , looking in I noticed most paintings were of nudes men and women and very explicit he was showing her a painting of a black man fucking a white woman .
Kettle boiled and we had some tea he bourght out a photo album of some of his past work , very erotic and hot then Kim blurted out she would have loved to be that white woman in some of the photos.

Earl took the comment and moved over and kissed her , there tongues were darting in and out and he said he would love to fuck her , she told me to have moor tea while Earl fucked her, they got up and moved to the bedroom.

She was so loud I had to go see what was going on , peering through the gap in the door I could see Kim on all fours being hammered with his huge cock and shouting fuck me fuck me Earl god your cock is huge fill me you black bastard , then Earl was answering back take it you fucking slut you need black cock don't you slut , yes yes yes she said now give me your seed fill me as I cum , he did his cock pulsated for ages , he then pulled out came over to the door and told me she was a fucking hot bitch , he then asked if he could keep her for thr rest of the day as he wanted to fuck her again , by this time Kim had sat up and begged me to say yes . we had some tea and Earl was on the phone so it gave me time to ask Kim if she was ok , she kissed me and told me not to worry and to pick her up at around 8pm , Earl came back and said make it 10pm , I left as I went down the stairs two black men were just entering the building .

At 10 I went to pick her up Earl opened the door with a huge smile on his face , Hi he said she is now ready for you and thank you for letting her stay I think she enjoyed the experience , with that the two black men appeared from the bedroom they also thanked me , then Kim appeared she looked totally fucked but had that glow of satisfaction.
Lovely story, I prefer to have my hubby around to watch me getting laid and submitting myself to another man, I love telling my hubby how big the Bulls cock is, he likes it when I insult him in that way, I need my Bull at least 2x a week, when he's inside me I feel completely different then with my husband, I feel dirty on one hand and great on the other, and Ben's cock is 19cm and 6cm wide so its hard not to be completely filled up, there's nothing better than to watch a man's eyes when he comes inside me, trying and thinking he can make me pregnant because there is only one sex worth trying and that's without a condom...I love my hubby for letting me explore all my senses...


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She is hoping her original friend that seduced her in this story comes back to her... She is ready to really give it a go with him... strangely its a turn on!
We have similar thoughts. Our first proper black bull was a Nigerian guy living in Manchester (UK) called Alex and he and my wife became lovers. It was great seeing them together sexually, his ebony skin, massive cock and huge balls having her in our marital bed whilst I watched and filmed them together.
Sadly he was also married buy his wife didn't approve but we have said that he was the best guy and most ideal and Lou has admitted that he was the one with whom she preferred and wanted to explore the shared/hotwife role. To be his slut.
We both find it a strange turn on that we'd like Alex and Lou to be regular lovers again and that hubby will support them both in this. Hubbys wife and his submitting lover.