Wife Tells Me About Afterward

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    "Hurry, he's going to be here soon," my wife said, "you have to go. I'll tell you all about it later." She looked stunning as I quickly grabbed a jacket and left the house. Her new lover, a young black guy she had met at the gym was coming over. I was told to give her three hours before coming home.

    Three hours later I arrive. There was no car in the drive or on the street so I guessed he had left. I unlocked the door and came in, calling out to my wife.

    "In here," her voice rang out from the bedroom. I slipped off my jacket and walked to our bedroom. My wife was laying on the bed reading a magazine. She looked up at me and smiled.

    "Well," I asked.

    "Wow is all I can say," she replied. "Come over here dear."

    I sat on the edge of the bed and she rolled back the sheets exposing her nude body.

    "Feel my pussy," she smiled.

    "Holy crap, its swollen," I said, "You have been very naughty."

    "Yes," she replied, " he was here just minutes after you left and in seconds we were fucking. We fucked everywhere, on the kitchen counter, on the sofa, and finally here in our bed. I don't know how many times I came. He was incredible."

    "Did he have a big cock?" I asked.

    "He was huge, so long and thick. He filled me completely," she moaned softly.

    "H, that's very bad," I teased. "Did you suck his cock?"

    "Yes, of course," she smiled. "He even came in my mouth once."

    "That is very naughty," I said, my breathing quickening, "what kind of a wife are you?"

    "The kind that fucks other men, that's what kind of wife I am," she cooed, "and you love it."

    "Did he cum inside you?" I asked as she played with her swollen pussy and I stroked my rock-hard cock.

    "Yes, he did," she said, "inside me, all over me, everywhere. I've never seen a guy with so much cum."

    "Oh God," I pleaded, "can I cum soon?"

    "Yes," she replied, "just think of that big black stud fucking my pussy deep and hard when you do."

    With that I shot my load all over the bedsheet.

    "That's a good boy," she teased, "now come and lick my pussy clean. I've been saving it for you."

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    Perfect wife who knows how to get down dirty!!
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    i know u r right but haw about a sissy how can not handle it?
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    Some sissies are made to be that way. Nothing better than a sissy in panties stroking what he hasn't got!
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