Wife So Very Close 2 BBC

My fiance and I have been talking about the cuckold lifestyle for about a year and a half now
I know this is not some sort of "how to convince" or "how to get her interested." postings... Some curious things have happened over the past month or two that really sent me going into a new train of thought... She has made it clear she didn't want to be a black man. She was firm about it. She said she has had very traumatic events happen to her that really screwed her view up about interracial cuckolding... Yet seems like She might be turning toward something different
-She has recently mentioned she would certainly consider him if he was handsome, charming, and respectful (She has said this at least three times we talked about it)
-She seems more comfortable and open to
-Finally I talked to her about her past events of pain that still get to her today. I told her that if these thing are preventing you from enjoying something or relationship that could bring tons of benefits and pleasure... She actually replied and agreed to work on that part of her self and agree to consider attractive and respectful BBC

How Should I approach this.... What would Help me out here at where she's at?
Have her meet me!
I'm a very respectful guy. Discreet and easy to talk with.
Meet in a public location have a drink and let her see, that there are handsome intelligent black guys here.
I agree with your wife if the person or any person is handsome, charming and respectful I am sure she will warm up to BBC man or any man...

Its amazing it seems to be 90% of men ,especially white men fantasize and wanted to have their wives with BBC men, where as 10% of women are reluctant to do it or into it, that's not a fact its my opinion.

I do find it hot and sexy when a white woman or any woman opens up and listens to her man regardless what sexual fantasy he has on his mind. I believe more and more men will be more attracted and in love more than ever with their women or Gfs when women open up...

Remember, take it nice and easy and never push your fantasy too hard on her to a point she may see you as selfish or not trusting you.....

I love to meet a woman who love BBC men and also into white men as myself, but what are the chances...10% since 90% or more of women and cucks are interested in meeting BBC men for their white wives/gfs. Sorry, I am only into women ...enjoy.