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Wife says BBC nothing special

Wife finally fucked a BBC. She said he was good but nothing to write home about. She has fucked him several times but she sure doesnt crave BBC. So therefore she doesn't go looking for it.

Don't understand thought she would be hooked.
I had brought it up before. But had let it die as she seemed to not be interested. She meet this guy while he was giving her a massage. He doesn't let me watch and I have to leave the house when he comes over. She knew I was ok with it but I didn't push her to do it. She loves being dom to me and calling me little dickie


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I'm sure it happens. Not everybody likes the same thing. Maybe it just wasn't the right guy. Not every woman is going to think black cock is for them, obviously many do but if she is not into it and you are urging it let it be her decision.