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    My wife and her friends from work went out this past saturday night like they do from time to time, and my wife always dresses sexy. This time she wore a short dress with no bra that you can see her nipples and sexy black thong panties. The dress came to just the bottom of her ass cheeks, and if you get lucky you can see her camel toe, she loves to show her camel toe, and I have to say I don't blame her, she has the best camel toe I've ever seen.
    They went to a bar for drinks and to dance, and while my wife was at the bar drinking her drink she noticed a very big black guy looking at her. After about a half hour my wife told me that someone bought her a drink. It was the black man, so my wife went over to him and thanked him for the drink and they started talking. The man's name was Jerrod, and he asked my wife if she wanted to dance and she said yes. So they went to the dance floor and danced for 3 or 4 songs. Then they went back to the bar for another drink. Jerrod told my wife that she is very beautiful , and my wife said thank you. After a few more drinks Jerrod started to touch my wife's face and told her how sexy she looked. My wife thanked him again and told me my she was enjoying the man's touch and it was making her pussy so wet.
    Then Jerrod slipped his hand under my wife's dress to feel her, and and said OMG your pussy is so wet, and and started to rub it. Then she felt a finger enter her. She told me she was in heaven. This went on for about five minutes when Jerrod started to kiss in my wife's mouth and at the same time my wife started to cum. When it was all over my wife looked behind her to see if anyone had been watching them and there were her two friends from work. They all laughed and began cheering them for a great show.
    Before my wife and her friends left, she gave Jerrod a great big french kiss. Jerrod returned the kiss and gave my wife his phone number.
    I can't wait for my wife to call Jerrod so I can watch him fuck the ass off her.
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    It happens, trust me! My wife loves black guys hitting on her at the bars.
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    My wife was involved with most of my black coworkers. One of them invited us to go to a bar with him in
    Roxbury the bar was on all black bar my wife was the only white woman in the bar. I was very excited to see all the black men hoping one of them would be hitting on my wife. One of the men in the bar knew my black coworker was telling him how hot my wife was I did not let that remark go to waste I told him you will never know how hot she is he sat down next to us talking to my wife.
     I told him I had to go out and check on the car I did not return to the bar for some time when I did my wife was gone so was my black coworker and his friend. They had taken her home to give her a real good fucking.
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    My wife Veronika works for Verizon in Silver Spring Maryland, once word got around after she fucked a black co worker at a party, black guys were trying to fuck her almost everyday, then she fucked up, told a customer to fuck off and disconnected him, to keep from being fired she started fucking her boss, the union rep and their friends. That got around and the guy she fucked at the party got her to go out, took her to a place called Jaspers in Bowie Md., he had told several guys from the office and they came in about two hours after wife and date got there. They were in a booth towards the back and he had gotten several drinks in her, had been feeling her legs and pussy under the table, kissing with a lot of tongue, and she had her hand inside his pants playing with his dick. He saw the four guys from the office coming, turned her towards him, started kissing her slid a hand up her skirt and inside her thong, she knew she had been set up when the four got in booth and the one beside her slid a hand inside her blouse and cupped a tit. She said by then she was almost drunk, hot as bell from being felt up and wanted to fuck, when her date said let's move to my apt. she agreed to go, rode between date and another guy in front seat and they had her blouse and skirt off when they got there, she said I d they made her walk to his apt in just her heels, thigh highs, shelf bra and thong. They wasted no time once in side, she said her date had his dick out and was pushing her to her knees before last guy was in apt., her five co workers took turns fucking her first, then after all had fucked her they took a break and had a drink, then they started fucking her two and three at a time, making her airtight.
    This was a couple years ago and I would bet she's been fucked by almost every black co worker in the office, and has been to several party's where she was only woman, I have been to a few with her.