Wife needs to b blackened

I recently told my wife about wanting to b a cuck she thought it through and agreed but doesnt want bbc she says there so big its scary. Is she just hiding her true feelings. Ive also tried toys that bigger on her but she says it doesnt feel any better I think she might need to get the real deal before she says bigger isnt better.
Many wifes hide their fantasies from their husbunds for many reasons,mostly coz they are shy to admit their wild desires,so in this case,husbund should encourage his wife and make her feel safe to explain all she feels,that's how the great marriage will be
Well I didn't hide that,he did the first move, we used to watch porn together since we were engaged and he was very open mind since that time, so after we start to watch together he starts to ask me about my wild fantasies and whag things I Iove to do, these questions made things easier to me to express my desires to him


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Not all black males are hung like the proverbial horse, and not all white males have a 3 inch willie. If you are in or near any metro area there will be swing clubs. Contact one of them AS A COUPLE, and go to one of their social events. Most organizations having periodic events that can help newcomers transition into the lifesytle and can give you a chance to "window shop" so to speak.