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Wife Needs a Black Lover

We are a happily married couple that has been in the swinging lifestyle for years. Over the years as my experiences with black men has increased so has my attraction to and desire for them! As such, I have recently decided to become BBC ONLY and make my hubby my cuckold. I have a growing desire to become more sexually Domme to my cuckold hubby...but in contrast, I love to give in submissively to my BBC lovers, to be their slut. Our sexual relationship continues to evolve and this is just the latest kink we enjoy exploring. But I feel this will become the permanent nature of our marriage and sexual relationship.

I am curvy yet petite, sexy, fun loving and intelligent woman that enjoys sexually controlling my hubby, while submitting to more masculine black men. As such, I/we are looking for a steady on going sexual relationship with one or a few black men that are open to this type of situation.

Ideally a man with a dominate personality that would make me his slut in front of my hubby and then join me in directing/controlling him to our desires. We are both very much against cheating/infidelity and the lies and hurt that go with it, so for us we see this as a very open and honest way we can both live and enjoy our sex lives together with others. I do not seek to play without my hubby present. “Making” him watch his wife become a total slut for another man while denying him my body makes me so wet! Steph fucking her BBC Bull (14).jpg