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Did I mention that Jill loves to tease men? Last week in Vegas we were out by the pool and Jill was wearing only the bare minimum. Naturally she attracted the stares and attention of several, if not all the men who where there. One young stud started chatting with her, not realizing I was her husband and Jill saw the opportunity for some fun. Their conversation soon became quite interesting as Jill told him she was vacationing alone and like to cheat on her husband. He became very interested even though he was at least 15 years younger than Jill. Without becoming too explicit Jill made it clear that she was available to the right man as long as he had the right equipment. He was becoming somewhat flustered by her forthright approach and soon his erection was straining against his swim trunks. He had to sit down. Jill taunted him a little more by saying how big he looked and how she wished she could see what he had to offer. I was loving every minute of his excitement/embarrassment and Jill knew it. Finally she stood and told him she had to go. As she walked away I commented to him that she was a pretty hot woman. He said "yeah, how would you like to bang her?" I couldn't resist and told him that she was my wife and that I love banging her which I promptly did in our hotel room while chastising her for being so "hard" on her young admirer.