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Steve and Julia were not what you might call sexually adventurous but they were far from prudes. Seven years into their marriage they were vacationing in the Caribbean at one of those adult-only resorts where there was some interesting activities going on. After a couple of days and nights Julia was wondering what they had gotten themselves into but Steve assured her that what they had witnessed on the beach and around the pool was completely optional and that no none was going to try and have her do something she didn't want. He, of course was enjoying watching the nude women, the blowjobs and the couples fucking. He wondered what Julia really thought.

The next evening he and Julia were by the pool and a handsome black man, probably ten years younger than they started chatting with them. They talked for a while and it was very apparent that he had his sights set on Julia. Steve for his part did nothing to deter his advances but Julia was being more reserved. That night back at their room Steve asked her what she thought of her admirer and she said she thought it was funny and how young he was. "He should go find someone his own age," she said, but then went into the shower and masturbated thinking about how she would love to fuck the hot young stud if she had the chance!

The next evening they were back at the pool and soon their friend joined them. Steve and Julia had both had a few drinks and their inhibitions were definitely relaxed. The young man was again making sexual advances toward Julia but this time she was responding and didn't resist when he began stroking her shoulder. Julia looked at Steve who just smiled. As the young stud stood beside Julia's pool chair, his swollen cock which formed a noticeable bulge in his swim trunks was about eye level with Steve's increasingly tolerant wife. She looked at and then at Steve. Her husband smiled and nodded his approval. Julia pulled his trunks down freeing his manhood and took it in her mouth. The young man moaned softly as Julia administered a succulent blow job to his large black cock. Steve sat back and watched as did a few others who were in the vicinity. The young stud was finding out what Steve already knew - Julia gave terrific head. Close to cumming, the black cocksman pulled free from her wet lips and asked in a pleading voice if he could fuck her. Julia again looked at Steve who gave her the go ahead and then back to her lover in waiting. "Okay, but not here in front of an audience." With that she picked up her room key and took her stud by the hand and headed back toward the hotel. Glancing over her shoulder to her husband, she asked, "are you going to join us?"