Wife Knows a Little Too Much

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Does your wife tell you she'd like to fuck a black man when you are screwing her?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I wish she would

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  1. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    When we are making love, my wife likes to whisper to me andtell me how much she would like to
    fuck a black man. Naturally this makes me very hard and very horny. The thing 2.jpg
    that bothers me about this is that she goes into such graphic detail that I
    think she must have experienced this for real. I can't imagine a housewife
    knowing these kind of things without having done it for real. She denies it but
    I'm not so sure. In the meantime she really know how to get me off with her
    "Black Stud" fantasies.
  2. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Ahhh, the dreams and desires of many a white husband.
  3. bigalex

    bigalex Active Member

    Get her a black stud dum ass you both will love it.
  4. wbfbm19

    wbfbm19 Well-Known Member

    Agree with 'big' and don't understand the problem...the graphic details makes you very hard and very horny yet...it bothers you that she knows the graphic details? Dude...make up your mind. Shit I'd love my wife to say it AND know the graphic details from first-hand experience!!!