Wife is satisfied with the sex and orgasms I give her... Is there hope?

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    My wife says she is perfectly happy with my penis and her orgasms. She tells me that she has more consistent orgasms than with many of her BBC ex-boyfriends. Do you think I still have a chance at getting her to play a little in the lifestyle?
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    I took a second to read your profile; thanks for taking the time to fill it out. It helps channel comments and suggestions a bit more accurately. Here's what your profile says:

    Straight couple in our mid 30s. White wife with a body that seems to attract many black men. We have been married 10 years. Getting started in the hotwife lifestyle. Not looking for a full cuckold experience just some sharing and fun.

    I hope you won't mind my sharing it with the other forum members, as some don't take the time to read profiles.

    If your wife is willing to swing & she's had black cock in her past, those are 2 major barriers that your wife has already crossed, plus, you're able to discuss the topic of watching her taking a black cock. So, in my opinion, the road ahead looks promising. But it is important to listen to her reasoning and what she says. The whole idea is to get her to want to go there, not go there simply to satisfy your fantasy. If she's happy with her marriage, the last thing she wants to do is screw it up, so that could be one reason for her reluctance. Have the 2 of you started a family yet, because possibly her future desire is to have a family with you?

    After 10 years of marriage many married couples often start looking for ways to revive and stimulate their sex drives for each other back to that pre-marriage, sexually charged level , and including another partner(s) is many times an option. From what I've read of your postings, a MMF 3-some is the way to go to accomplish your desire. Its just a matter of finding a suitable black male, third party. You mention in your profile that the 2 of you are just getting started in the "hotwife" lifestyle. If she's hotwifing you, and sexually sharing herself with other men, you're officially a cuckold by the definition of the word. Cuckolding encompasses a wide variety of sexual activities, of which one is that the wife is generally having sex with other men, with or without your knowledge or permission. So, its just a matter of time before she chooses a black, male partner. Whether she lets you know about it is a total different story. Hopefully your relationship with each other is fully trustworthy, she'll let you know, and you'll be there to witness and enjoy it. But, I think you're well on your way to getting what you desire.
    Good luck ... I hope it adds & enhances your marital relationship. Mac
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