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wife in need

My wife,21 and a natural born nymph is wanting BBC,and id very much like to watch. We live in Houston and can't really leave Houston haha. She's a total size queen and fucks like a wild animal. She would like to talk a lil first maybe text or talk on the phone a bit to get to know each other. Any one interested just shoot us a pm :)


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We have had success using Craigslist for about 14 years now.. Yes it takes some work as CL is full of fakes and flakes, but there is always a diamond in the rough.

We know real / serious people use it because we do and real / serious BBCs use it because we met a bunch.
I think it's better to post your own ad and weed through all the replies to help you find one, as replying to an ad posted by a single guy tends to be more on the BS side of things... but both options have worked out for us.

Good luck with your search... remember to be safe, have fun, and take pictures.

CJ Hooks

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I wish I would have know that when I was in Houston last week. I just joined the site. I am in Dallas, and I can travel. Here is a pic. If interested, lets stay in touch.