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Wife in Black Lace


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Idk! Morals! Marriage! Cheating!
its like i told my hubby the other day
everyone in the country has rights,
but no one has the responsibility of there actions anymore,
its always someone else fault.
why did i get married in the first place? If i wanted to sleep with multiple men then i shouldnt be married!
"why did i get married in the first place" To be committed to someone emotionally and have their trust, support and devotion. For many, extra partners are a way for a couple to spice up their enjoyment in the bedroom. As long as there are agreed upon rules and everyone is open and honest, it shouldn't take away from a couple's love for each other, but can maybe enhance that. As long as you look at the extra partners as just sex and don't let in any emotional attachments. That's why it's sometimes important to have hubby in the room while you're playing.

If you need the emotional element, perhaps find a bull that is comfortable with hubby kissing you, holding your hand and whispering loving, supportive words in your ear while the bull brings you to orgasm.

Some rules, like "no non-sexual kissing with the bull" might also be wise if you want to separate your emotional commitment from the sexual.