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Wife has a Surprise Fantasy

Now as you know, my wife is a submissive BBC LOVER. She wants her lover to take the lead and fuck the hell out of her over and over as many times as he wants to. She LOVES TO SUCK BBC, she swallows and loves to feel the burst of a BBC exploding inside her.

She now has two regular men that she sees every so often, but her fantasy is for me to set her up on a blind date/surprise meeting type of thing without her knowing. I have some ideas of how to accomplish this but I'm wondering if any other husbands have done this type of thing for their wife before?

We usually get a local hotel room about once a month just to get away for the day/evening and enjoy each other, away from work, family and the every day stresses of life. I was thinking of booking the hotel room and texting her the hotel name and room number. Telling her to head there and get sexy for me that I would be there later. But when there is a knock at the door, it wouldn't be me. It would be a very dark chocolate man with a huge cock like she hasn't ever seen before. She would have no choice but to invite him in and service him as he pleased.

What do you other husbands think of this idea?


do it! let your women have the fun then tell you what went on. buy her some sexy underwear and perfume. then tell her that you love her..give her some time with her black lover then go join her if you are not the jealous type..3 better than 2 in my mind.
I think it is a great idea. My wife is my submissive, and what I have done is when he shows up he tells her that you sent him, and that he has permission to use her in anyway that he wants, and she is going to submit to him