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"Well, I hope you enjoyed that 'cause I sure did." my wife said coyly as we lay naked on our hotel room bed.

"Yeah, I did actually," I replied. "that was very hot."

My wife had just granted my biggest fantasy and had been royally fucked by a big black stud while I watched.

"You jealous," she asked with a giggle, "you should be. God, he was huge!"

"Kinda," I said, "but its cool. I wanted to see you enjoy yourself."

"It looks like you enjoyed yourself too," she teased. I had jacked off while they fucked and my load had shot halfway across the room I'd been so turned on.

"Okay, I played along with your dirty little fantasy, now you have to finish it up," she said as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs.

I looked down at her well-fucked pussy, still slick with his massive load, then buried my face deep into her and cleaned her up.