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After a party at our house all the guest left except one. My wife and I and our guest Darnell were in our living room having a last drink. I knew my wife was attracted to Darnell, who is a handsome black guy a few years younger, and he was attracted to her. I left for a bit to freshen drinks. When I came back my wife and him were sitting on the couch chatting. I mentioned to Darnell that my wife found him "cute". My wife was embarassed and he smiled and thanked her. I said I'd like to see them kiss...that got very surprised looks but alchohol was at work and after some encouragement Darnell leaned over and kissed her a good one. She was still embarrassed but I said....go ahead I want to watch. Well, they started making out in earnest...I moved to an spot with a clear view but out of the immediate area. After a minute or so Darnell reached for my wife's breast but she pushed him away. I could tell he wanted much more than just making out, especially since I seemed okay with it. Anyway, after more unsuccessful attempts to feel her boobs Darnell unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge erect cock. He took my wife's hand and put it on his throbbing cock but she pulled away. One more try and she grasped his hard dick and began to stroke it as the kissing became more passionate. At this point I was as hard as Darnell was. It was such a turn on to see my wife making out and stroking another guy in our living room. Suddenly my wife stopped and said if we were going to do this, then let's just do it. We all went up to our bedroom and I watched in amazement as Darnell fucked my wife with his big black dick.