Wife enjoys her first BBC! ACTUAL portrayal! WANTS MORE!


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Well, a few weeks ago, we finally connected with a pretty nice gentlemen that was very interested in having his way with my wife. While we fantasized about the idea, we never really got serious about looking until recently. We had played with toys that resembled a BBC and even the chatting with other men, and a few drinks, had turned her on to the idea of making this happen. We decided that we were going to pick a Friday evening in the recent future, and set that as our date. As the days approached, she was TOTALLY getting into it. She was insatiable, and I LOVED it!

So the day arrived, work past, and we were at the restaurant in the hotel awaiting our 8pm date! I went to the room, and she waited at the bar for her guest. From my room on the 8th floor I could see her, faintly, at the bar. I received a text: "He's here!" They had drinks! I nervously awaited for their return, periodically watching there silhouettes at the bar from the window. It seemed like FOREVER. Ir reality, it was 4 drinks and an hour of flirting and playing. She texted, they are on the way..

When they arrive, he starts kissing her and making out with her HARD. I sit quietly and photo! He is now ravishing her with his hands and mouth! He is sucking her whole breast, not just the nipple! He slides her capris and panties off and lays them on the floor. He begins to perform the most erotic cunnilingus I have ever witnessed. His long tongue slides deep inside, and he flicks her clit rhythmically with his finger. He then assults her g-spot with this fingers and has her ass two feet off the bed trying to assist in hitting that spot of pleasure. She is soaking and dripping wet. She tries desperately to hold her orgasm, but reluctantly releases her glaze on his nose and face. Then again, and again. She almost seems to be in pain with each release. Totally bucking and fucking his face and hand. He is a total expert.His tongue found her ass and she responded with a release of seismic proportion. I, quietly sit, snapping picture after picture.

Okay, well here I shall continue? As he continued to play with her clit with his fingers, she was wrestling with his belt and zipper. Feverishly trying to get ahold of his pleasure stick. I can say, that we had seen it photo'd, so we were certain that it was to be a B BC. It was actually cute, how she totally fumbled with his belt and button on his pants. It was if she were totally teasing him, and me. It was totally hot, and I was like: click, click, click! FINALLY, his pants slid to the floor, and she was totally jerking his cock violently. At this point, her head was at the top of the bed, and he was leaning over licking her periodically. The position was almost like a modified (him standing) 69 when she took her first taste of black cock. It was so fucking hot. His cock was a good 8-10 inches, but not as thick as she had expected. At this point, she was being worked up to another climax, and she totally began face fucking his dick. It was so fucking hot! He nervously tried to kick off his shoes, and finally got his pants from around his ankles. Without missing a beat, he was slurping her sex up and tickling her insides with his hands, and before I knew it, he was naked getting sucked off by my wife. And it was fucking hot! He stopped for a second and layed perpendicular to the head of the bed, and pulled my wife on top of him, full 69. It was so hot. She totally tried to swallow that long black cock, he never stopped sucking her pussy. His long tongue was flopping her clit from side to side, and penetrating her holes and she was in pure ecstasy. She was grinding and squirming and thrusting on his face, and HE was loving it as much as she. I, stiff as fuck, sat there click, click, click.

Anyhow, the story continues. At this point, I am uncertain how many times that she had cum. His face was glossy slick, and she was still trying to get that long cock down her throat. I was totally impressed with the effort that she put forth. Every time that I thought they were ready to fuck, she seemed to get herself working toward another release. He did NOT seem to mind. He looked as if he could spend hours devouring her pussy, and she was not bothered by the idea as well. What a hot sight. I sat quietly. click, click, clicking away.

Finally, she un-straddles him and lays down on the bed. Legs spread, where I can see her soaked pussy. Red and swollen dripping. She is totally fucking hot for this. She throws me a glance, and I wink. She is stroking her clit and bucking her hips off the bed. Totally lathering her juices all over her. I have never seen her this turned on. My dick is trying to get past my shorts, but this is not for me. As she waits, he patiently takes a Trojan Magnum from the wrapper and rolls it onto his cock. She is watching and I see her tremble as she strokes her clit. She hasn't fucked another man for 14+ years, and NEVER been with a BBC or any other man with a bigger cock than mine. It was so hot watching her watch him suit up. He positions himself between her legs and lifts her legs high in the air, and spreads them wide. Her pussy opened ever so slightly. Her fluids were dripping down the side of her lips and onto her asshole. He moves closer and taps his cock on her awaiting cunt. Taps alittle more with her feverishly rubbing her clit. Taps and more forceful now. Slap, slap, slap! I am totally stiff and flush. Click, Click, Click!

So, he's slapping her cunt with his cock, and totally teasing her! She is now getting frustrated at this point! She totally wants him in her! So without hesitation, he obliges! I am snapping away, and awaiting the look on her face! She let the most strange yelp from her mouth as he plowed deep inside her! Her face was one of shock and agony! I was alittle scared, actually! He thrusted into her deep! To the actually balls he went! Her legs were spread so wide, and he was so long that she actually sort of cried out in pain! I was stunned, and he pulled his cock out and just looked! I think he was as shocked as we were! He stroked her clit some more, and she was still bucking on the bed! So he entered her again! Deep! She let out the same squeal. This time, he kept his cock deeply thrust inside her! She was totally thrusting and squirming, and he too was swirling his hips so his cock would touch every inch! I was pretty sure at this point she was enjoying herself, and not actually in pain! I have never seen her open herself that wide before! She was stretching her legs as wide as she could! She wanted to take every inch, and she was succeeding! He went from a gentle man that lick the shine to pussy, to an animal in a split second! I sat there a bit confused, and he started to rhythmically fuck my wife DEEP! She was making so much noise at this point, I was unsure if she was cumming or crying! But everytime he slowed, she would take control of their motions!

So he's got my wife spread apart, and he's straight drilling her! She is totally losing control! Head flopping back and forth, and she is holding onto the head board, and he is totally fucking her stupid! At one point he's got her head in his hand and he's telling her that he wants to be deeper, and she wants it deeper! He is straight fucking the shit outta her! It was so fucking hot! I thought at one point she was going to explode with an orgasm! I have NEVER seen anyone rhythmically fuck for so long STRAIGHT! At one point, her feet where on his chest, and he was slamming down on her and that was allowing him more leverage! She was totally getting off with every thrust! Her cheeks were lava red, and her hands went from slapping the bed to holding on for dear life! All of a sudden, he gave a really deep thrust and kept his cock buried deep! I thought that he exploded, but he didn't at all! He just kept his cock buried deep and she was squirming on it! Squirming a lot! It went from squirming to full out thrusting! She was thrusting under his pressure, and it was making her cum! HARD! It was fucking hot, and I clicked away!

At this point, my wife had just gotten POUNDED for over 20min STRAIGHT, and they were both winded! He straight picked her up off the bed, sat on the edge of the bed and she straddled him! Slowly, she lowered herself onto his long cock! SLOWLY, she started to ride him! Picture this: He was sitting on the edge of the bed, she was standing on the edge, riding him! SLOWLY! It was like she was trying to feel every vein in his cock with her pussy! Slowly up and down and up and down! You could tell that her legs were getting really tired! He was holding her close, and she was holding on for dear life! You could here her gasp with each stroke when he bottomed out. At this point, he was trying to get his own rhythm going! She was leaning back but still holding on! As he pumped and gyrated into her, her legs gave out and now her legs were laying on the bed, and he was still sitting there on the edge! When her legs went limp, the depth control must have given way! She let out the loudest and most strange sound I have ever heard! He was now using the bed as a trampoline, and man was it hot! He was whispering and talking shit saying "let it go," "there you go," and "Take it DEEP." It was all very hot! Again, he was taking that pussy, and no one was gonna stop him! She was in heaven!
Next thing I knew, her feet were back on the bed and she was fucking HIM again! He was still seated, and the length of her strokes were unimaginable! Her screams were almost cries and wimpering and I have never seen her tremble while being fucked as much! Suddenly, He slammed deep inside and she let out this loud scream! She lifted off his cock and a river of fluid fell from her pussy! We were at a Sheraton, and this fluid ran all over the white sheets! My wife had finally squirted! It was a ton! It ran down the sheets onto the floor! The scariest thing for me was that it freaked her out! The fluid had a tinge of pink, so I think she was injured a little! I thought I should stop it, but......

She grabbed his cock, and sat on it again! This time, it was her control! She loved the long strokes, but she wanted them alittle slower! With every stroke, the speed picked up! She was soon screaming with another orgasm, albeit regular not squirting, and fucking him crazily! Now he wanted to regain some control! So, she got from on top of him, and got on all fours on the bed! He enters her slowly! You could see that there was something that went on, some spotting or something, and I think he was unsure if he should continue! I asked if she were okay, and I soon got the answer! She started fucking him from all fours! He reached around and started tweaking her nipples and grasping her breasts! It was fucking hot! He was soon drilling her again on all fours! She was screaming and squirming and fucking LOVING it! I had never lasted this long EVER! He was slamming her pussy like he's never fucked before! He had the speed of a 18yr old, and the stamina of a man that had no feeling! He was whispering into her ear, and she was fucking taking it like a champ! At one point she even said that she LOVED his cock! I was totally turned on! She had never looked so beautiful! Soon, she was face slammed down on the bed, and he was straight stroking her cunt! It was fucking beautiful!

Okay, at this point I quit worrying about the injury! It was apparent that she was getting hers, and getting it good! In the blink of an eye, he was flat on his back, and she was riding him! Slow, then fast! Deep, then she toyed with him! She was on her knees, then on her feet, then a combination of both! I could see that she was trying that long cock every way she could! She even went reverse cowboy for what seemed like 20 minutes! I have never seen her shake more violently and scream so loud! We were certain that if there were people in the room beside us, there would be some calls to the front desk! I loved to watch her squirm on that big black cock! She was being pleasured, and I was being punished! He was working so hard beneath her to slam that pussy with every inch of his cock! At one point, he had reached around and started to play with her ass, but she quickly put the kibosh on that! I was certain that he was about to explode inside her!

As they are fucking, and I am taking pictures, she is telling him that she wants him to unload on her tits! It must be getting alittle sore for her, because she tells him that she wants to suck on him some more! So off goes the condom, and she proceeds to suck him! Deep and fast! Almost violent! He is straight fucking her face at one point! I am so fixated on this, i didn't notice that he has three fingers deep inside her pussy! She is sucking and fucking his hand. He literally has a stream of cum running down his wrist! It was so fucking hot to watch those dark fingers enter her pale pussy! I was about to bust! Without any warning, he flips her on her back! Reaches for another magnum and rolls it on! At this point, she is begging him to fuck her! She is pleading and bouncing her ass on the bed like it is her last will and testament! He slides between her legs with her tit in one hand and the back of her head in his other! He kissed her so fucking angrily yet passionately and thrusted into her again deep! She gasped and he took her breath away with his mouth! Without warning, he started fucking her fast and deep! He would slam her 50 thrusts then just keep his cock in deep and grind for what seemed like minutes! She was in heaven! She pleaded to him to fuck her and make her pussy cum! She even begged him to make her pussy cum, WHILE her pussy was cumming! It was so fucking hot! Her legs were on his shoulders at one point, and he hit it with so much force that she was scooting toward the beds edge! She came so hard and so many times, that I thought she was going to faint! He was so fixated with drilling her deep, that I think it made his stamina even longer! There was a river of cum on the sheets, and he looked like there was no end in sight! He went from missionary, to pile driver, to shit that I'm not sure had a name! Then without warning one last deep thrust! Her EYES opened and she screamed loudly with one final orgasm while he grunted deep and loudly! He had finished in his Magnum deep in her cunt! They both lay still twitching!

I can honestly say that was the hottest shit I have seen! I also promise that I got the best sex of my life 2hrs later when I got home! I want to do it again, and I am sure she won't say NO!