Wife craves black but scared to make final plunge

When i first met my wife i asked her "what turns you on"" she told me "getting fucked by multiple black guys" ,This was one of my fantasy's more just to watch her with another man,but we have been working towards this since we met , we always watch IR porn, and she often talk about how she wants to be a "black cock whore" .but when it comes down to it , she seems a little well scared , how can i make her do the real thing whats the next move ? she does want it , just nervous i think. Plus there are not to many black guys in Vancouver
Keep on! You can too buy a black dildo and ask your wife t o named it with aporn actor name, or a black guy of your desire. When you make love to her, when she s excited, just use the dildo and tell something like "so, do you want the black cock of ... in your pussy?". By this way, things becomes somekinds reals. Good luck and tell us more when it will be done!


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It will happen in due time. It is important that she be comfortable with her decision. If she is only used to you, you may want to have her practice with a larger dildo and find a black man bigger than you, but not go for the really big one's right off. My first wife decided to go for it with no breaking in and it took some work for her to accommodate her first BBC but she started off with a really, really big one. Going from being used to 5" to taking a thicker 9" is a big stretch - literally.
Thanks for some advice ,we do have some big black dildos , i make her always suck or fuck them, i have also told her to message some black guys on Facebook she use to know and start to flirt with them,im about 7" so would like her to have a bull really, to make her unleash her true whore . she is on other adult sites and sometimes talks dirty with other guys. Do you guys think i should take her to a club and let her pick up guys
she always cum's so hard when i talk about her being single in the club, putting her wedding ring away , and just pick up guys, do you think maybe a regular threesome first with one of her ex fuck buddies might help her swing towards fucking bbc ?