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Wife Being Bad

My white wife has two black lovers who do not know about each other. She sees each of them from time to time.
On Saturday Black lover # 1 came over the house to watch the basketball game. During the game nothing really sexual, a little touching, spanking , stuff like that. After the game they went outside to sit in the backyard(we had a fire going in the fire pit). I didnt rush outside, I would say they were alone for 10 minutes or so maybe more. When i got out there they were sitting talking and laughing. After a minute of talking about sex I was told to feel her pussy. I was like damn you are soaked and she yelled out- One load in. They had sex while I was in the house, I was a little shocked but very turned on. We were sitting talking for probably 5 minutes or so and he pulled out his dick and told her to ride him. She got on top of him right in the outdoor chair and rode him with her back to him facing me. It was so hot and she asked me a few times if my little white penis was hard which is was. She rode him for a good while and he told me was going to cum inside her again. After he came in her I was told to feel her pussy and my dick was so hard. I was allowed to fuck her but told I better not cum inside her. It took me a minute or so to cum and of course she laughed as I came on her ass. They fooled around some more outside -typical sucking and some more fucking stuff like that. We wrapped up to all go to bed, he was staying the night in the spare room. I asked if she was coming to bed with me and she told me her pussy was throbbing for black dick and would be a little while. So i went to bed alone. This is about 12:30 or so. I woke up around 2:30 and she was not there. I went to the bathroom and put my ear to the door and heard her moaning. I played with myself for a few minutes and fell back asleep. I woke up again at around 5:30 and she still was not in bed. I realized that she went to bed with him. To me it is so hot when she spends the night with a black man in bed. When i woke up at 8:30 she was on the couch, he had left and she had a big smile on her face. She told me what happened and how they pretty much fucked all night taking naps in between. she said he came inside her at least 6 times but thinks it was more.
Now its sunday afternoon and Black Lover #2 wants some pussy. I didnt think there was a chance that she was going to go see him but it seemed like she might but I begged her not to go since it was Sunday. She did stay home
Monday afternoon comes and she tells me she is going to see Black Lover #2 . I asked her of course if she would stay home and she gave me a big no that i have a useless little white penis and she is having sex dreams. so I submit to my wife and accept it. I asked her when she was coming back home and she said she would be home eventually. She sends me text messages an hour later about what she is going to be doing which included dinner , steamy sex, a shower with him and then more steamy sex. I asked her if she was coming home tonight and she said maybe and maybe not. I asked her to please come home that night and she pretty much ripped me and told me I was a cuck and I begged her to stay home on Sunday and I only get one beg accepted a week. She ended up spending the night with him, I did not hear from her until she came back home. I woke up throughout the night and still no messages and no wife. Tuesday morning she came home and told me about her night. He came inside her 4 times and fucked the shit out of her in many positions and the first time she said they both came together which she loved.
That was my wifes wild two days and I am sure there will be some more of those coming up.