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My wife's first time, our first time, was awesome. My first experience watching my wife having sex with a black man in front of me is something I'll never forget. She was like a virgin. She was so nervous. I had talked to her about doing it before and she seemed somewhat interested. I tried to take every opportunity to make it a reality but she was always too shy to go through with it until this time.
It looked like it hurt her at first when he began to penetrate her but he was very gentle and patient with her and took his time. I didn't see how big his cock was because he got undressed with his back to me. She kept her eyes closed as she lay there on her back waiting for him and her eyes were still closed as he got between her legs and positioned himself over her. It was incredible to watch her begin to relax and get horny as he slowly put more and more of his cock into her.
She resisted kissing him at first, he had to settle for kissing and sucking on her neck which looked like it was warming her up. She seemed to like that. I knew she had totally surrendered to him when she pulled her knees up to let him fully penetrate her. He held his hips down against her and moved them side to side. He was enjoying having all of his cock in her and she was too. So was I. I was so hard I could feel the pulse in my cock.
She opened her eyes and they looked at each other for a moment. He began to slowly move his cock in and out of her as he leaned down and started kissing her. She really got into kissing him. I wasn't prepared for that. I began to feel jealous. I was prepared to watch her getting fucked by another man but I wasn't prepared to watch them "make love". They made love to each other like that as he slowly fucked her for what seemed to me to be a long time. I wanted to take my turn and I was getting impatient. I had been stroking my cock but I had to stop because I felt like I was about to start cumming.
They both started breathing heavier and moaning as they kissed. He was fucking her harder and more passionately. They stopped kissing as if to come up for air. She closed her eyes pressing her head down on the bed gripping the sheets. It looked like she was going to cum. He braced himself over her, arching his back, with his cock deep inside her. I knew by the sound he made that he was cumming in her. I didn't know if she came too or not but it looked like it. She never came with me while I fucked her. She always had to use a vibrator. It was an indescribable feeling knowing that another man was cumming in my wife and that he might have made her cum also with his cock..
He stayed on top of her after he came and they began to kiss again They were both really relaxed and the kissing was getting more passionate. I couldn't wait any longer and got on the bed with them. When he pulled out of her his cock looked huge. It was a lot bigger than mine. He was still hard and it was wet with cum. He could probably have kept fucking her. He got off the bed and let me have my turn. She was so wet from his cum that I barely felt her. I came almost as soon as I entered her. She lay there with her eyes closed looking bored. I felt small but I didn't care. It felt good to me to be fucking her after he fucked her and it felt good to add my cum with his inside her.
I tried to talk to her after he left but she didn't want to talk about it. We didn't have sex for the rest of the week. I thought about what happened every day. I couldn't get the images out of my mind. I saw them having sex, making love and fucking over and over. I finally got her to start to talk about what happened with me, it was just after noon on Saturday, we were having lunch. She was starting to communicate with me that she liked the sex but was confused about the emotions she was feeling. I was getting horny talking to her about it and was thinking about having sex with her when the there was a knock on the door. It was him again, drunk, hoping to have sex with her again. I didn't get a chance to talk to her about it, about having sex with him again. I didn't know what to expect. Last weekend he was shy and respectful but today he was aggressive. Having him show up was unexpected but I wasn't going to mind if he had sex with her again. I just didn't get a chance to talk to her about it. I didn't know what she was thinking. She didn't seem happy at all that he was there. Maybe because he was drunk.
I loved talking her into doing it. I loved turning her from being unwilling into very willing. This time he was doing all the talking. I let him take charge. She tried to let him know that she wasn't in the mood but he wasn't listening. I was thinking of stepping in and stopping him but she let him tease her and undress her. It didn't seem to matter to him what her or I thought. He didn't ask. I guess he assumed that since her and I let him have sex with her before that he could do it again. He laid her down the bed, got undressed quickly and began fucking her as soon as he got on the bed. Again it hurt her, she wasn't used to a cock that big She cried out this time, as he first entered her but this time he didn't seem to care. I just watched as her expression of pain faded and turned into pleasure. He didn't last long this time. She opened her eyes and looked over at me as he started to cum and mouthed the words "I love you" . I mouthed the words "I love you too" as he spasmed over her cumming in her. The whole episode was over in less than five minutes. She laid there, kept her legs open after he got off the bed, and looked over at me waiting for me to take my turn.
After the second time it was no problem getting her to do it again. We kept doing it with the same guy. He apologized for being drunk and aggressive with her that time and was polite and respectful afterwards. Sex with him was becoming comfortable. She was no longer nervous or shy. The more we all did it together the better him and I were getting at pleasing her and she was loving it. She loved getting attention from the two of us and became hornier and more "sex crazy" than anything I ever saw from her before.