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I've asked my wife for 3 sum in past and she always says no. She's pretty boring at times. Sat night when we where drunk and fucking I whispered in her ear to suck my finger and imagine it's my dick. When she did I told her to imagine it wasn't my cock in her but a strangers big thick cock.She went wild and cum 3 times in 10 mins. She's never cum other than when I use myy tongue. She also told me on her hen night she went back to the hotel so horny as she likes knowing guys are eyeing her up and all she could think about was big dick. Is this just drunk fantasy or could there be more to it


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The fact she's having these fantasies and sharing them with you are good indicators. She sounds like a bit conservative lady, however, with embedded marital commitment. And for sure, if she's not having orgasms but when you give her oral, she's definitely in need of a good fucking. She, like many married females, can't understand why their husband would want to share them with other men, plus, she's possibly afraid you'd want to do a FFM reciprocation down the road and women don't like sharing their men with other women.
Why not start out by getting her to share her deepest sexual fantasies with you ... you go first, then her. There's opportunity there if you go about it correctly. Good luck!
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Not to damper your fantasy... Sexual fantasy to sexual reality is a huge step. Over our 45 years entertaining, I helped quite a few newbies. Whether it was a gang-bang or me providing lesbian seduction, it was typically the hubby who struggled. Make sure YOU can handle seeing her enjoying another man more, before you open her imagination.
I cosign. This is why I fuck solo.
My wife has known of my fantasy for a number of years I introduced her to it by buying her a black dildo which we used together occasionaly and Which She used frequently when I was away with work I know this because she wore it out I also bought her a porn film starring a bbc which she watched and used the dildo making her come multiple times however recently she seems to shoot me down each time I mention bbc any advice?