Why would a single woman want a cuckold?

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    Many submissive men come on websites like this to try to find a woman to marry that would cuckold them. They talk about THEIR fantasies of watching her with another man, cleaning her "cream pie and other things they find sexually exciting, but they rarely ever think about the practical reasons a woman might actually consider accepting a man to be her husband with the express reason of serving her as her cuckold.

    I usually challenge such men by asking them what do they bring to the table and then suggest they think about what they can do for a lady rather than what they want from her.

    I came across this on a FemDom site and, even though it was posed as to why she would consider accepting a submissive male, it seemed to be very much in line with submissive cuckolding as well:

    "At times I think I could do this, if I found a submissive who is exceptional at taking initiative, doesn't have to be micromanaged, doesn't have to be directed very much at all, ... one who takes time to get to know what makes me happy, anticipates those needs, and fulfills me in a very low-maintenance way."

    So, in the interest of educating those men and, perhaps, some of the ladies as well, I would ask the women who do cuckold their men in a dominant manner to share not so much the sexual aspects, but the things you really appreciate about having a submissive cuckold, the services they perform for you that make you life easier and more enjoyable. The things a prospective submissive cuckold should learn to do in order to become an attractive commodity for a lady to actually desire to acquire.

    Of course, the submissive cuckolds who serve their wives should feel free to share the things they do in service to their wives as well.
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    What does any of this have to do with the subject?
    Giving another description of your wife's sexual exploits with her lover is totally off topic and needs to be deleted ASAP.

    If you wish to post to this thread, please be on topic: what NON-sexual services to you provide to your wife that create a desire in her to keep you as her cuckold instead of leaving you for a lover?
    What NON-sexual services does she desire or require of you?

    The focus of this thread is to identify the things a man needs to be able to do or offer in order to attract a woman who might consider accepting him to be her submissive cuckold.
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    I'm not saying there aren't any women out there that desire a submissive male to have a new, primary relationship with (while pursuing sexual activities with others), but I'll say they are few and far between. Plus, for men to desire finding women who will cuckold them is simply "not logical", as my man Spock use to say on Star Trek. Other than watching her with other men, or using her to get close to other men to satisfy their bi-sexual side, what exactly is the benefit of a man pursuing a woman that has no sexual or romantic interest in him?

    About as close to that as I can suggest would be for a guy to find a female desiring a "sugar daddy". As long as you're feeding them, and showering them with lots of money and gifts, they'll usually give you what you want. You'll probably need to win a lottery or something, though. When it comes to new relationships, most women prefer to find that Mr Right that's got a good job, good looks, good provider, good in bed, etc. Women might like to play around, but they're "looking" for that Mr Right the entire time they're playing. They're not about to waste their time going into a new sexual relationship with a guy that already has one or two strikes against him. Mac :)

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    Good points and the "sugar daddy" aspect is definitely one which guys need to seriously consider as one of the main reasons any woman considers a man as a possible mate, regardless of the type of relationship, is his ability to provide a comfortable, financially secure lifestyle. That, or if she is financially secure on her own, is he also able to take care of himself as no woman wants to hook up with a guy that will become a drain on her.

    So financial status is first on the list.

    I think I am probably looking at this from the point of view of an older guy who has been talking mostly with women who have already had a failed marriage and are looking for men as potential mates, but for different reasons than what they were looking for when they first married. Yes, the financial concerns are still highly important, but most seem to place other things above the "good looks, good in bed" stuff.

    They seem more interested in what the guy can and will do for them, how will he treat them, which is why they are focusing more on men who have a natural doting character to them rather than the macho sort that they were attracted to the first time around. These women know they can get laid if that's what they want and most can attract pretty good looking guys to boot, so sex isn't their main concern.

    However, if a guy is going to try to hook up with one of these women, he needs to be building himself into a really attractive package that shouts "Try me!" So beyond being financially secure, what are some of the other qualities and abilities a woman desires in a mate that might be enough for her to think, "Wow, he gives me all this and enjoys doing all these things for me and OK, so he's not the most handsome or best I've had in bed, but I can enjoy sex with anyone I want as well! He's a keeper."