Why unprotected?

Do you have unprotected sex (vaginal, anal) with different partners?

  • I'm male and I do

  • I'm male and it's my fantasy

  • I'm male and I use condoms

  • I'm female and I do

  • I'm female and it's my fantasy

  • I'm female and I use condoms

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Hi BBCs.

Why are you so into unprotected sex? Most men here tell me that they never use condoms with white women. Are they all fakes or are they all stupid? I as a woman would never have unprotected sex with man who has unprotected sex with others. Most conversations stop when I make my point clear to them.
So what is so special about it, that you think it's worth the risk?


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I do have unprotected sex with different partners. I love the sensation of bare cock in me, love a guy cumming in me, yes the thrill of a bit of risk and hubby likes the cum in me too.
I know there's an element of risk, it's something me and hubby discussed when we started out and both decided we would accept the risk.
I would say, however, we are a married couple, in our late forties/early fifties and am not not out every weekend.
If I was a single 19 year old girl with all my life ahead of me and wanting a family sometime, I would probably get the guy covered up.
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We are condoms only for vaginal or anal because, and this will surprise many here, guys lie when it comes to getting sex and we do not have the time or the inclination to sort out how safe a guy actually is along with all of the other details that are involved. We have had guys lie about being married/attached and even stuff such as how tall they are which actually becomes clear when they show up for a meeting. On the swinger site we use many guys have 'action' pics posted in their profile and it is amazing how many have pics of them fucking six, seven or more ladies sans condom and then vehemently insist that they are safe sex only when we decline for that reason and tell us that it is all the same woman and our lying eyes are just deceiving us or it is an old girlfriend or the last ten years worth of girlfriends.


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....Of course unprotected sex is much more enjoyable, and it is the internal drive of us males to leave our "seeds" in a woman during sex ... BUT, unless you're exclusive with your lovers, it really is dangerous since 1 in 5 people (age 18-39) have had a social disease. One of the most concerning for the ladies should be herpes, as it is, for females, always an internal, painful blister that is incurable. Once you get it, and your men find out you have it, you can kiss sex GOODBYE for the rest of your life, or until they find a cure. It also ruins it for everyone else, particularly a spouse or future hubby, who would love & desire bareback sex with you.
....If you're not well knowledged regarding this STD, I suggest you do some research. The rumor that herpes is only contagious during the blistering stage is False Fact ... there's a scaling period that lasts as long as the blistering period and it is contagious as well. With guys, its usually just a nasty blister on the penis that goes away with treatment, but returns throughout the year. With women, however, its internal and its very painful.
....Ladies, its fairly easy to see the scar on a man's penis left by a herpes blister ... the scaling is visible as well IF you know what to look for and the penis isn't already lubricated or wet. Do your homework before going bareback ... please!
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yes i do have unprotected sex with different partners,but taking that in the context that im an escort,and the number of guys ive had penetrative sex with.......its not that many. Normally all my clients must use rubbers if we are to have intercourse,and normally i supply the rubbers. i have 6 or 7 regular clients,who are regularly checked,who screw me bareback......my preference for bare sex goes back to my teens when i was an easy lay,and nobody bothered about protection,the girsl just fucked,flooded and left. we were just happy go lucky prostitutes then,and a quickie paid for a night out.
I got the sexual gene from my mum who did the same........a few guys shoot up her was a good night.....easy cash.