Why is it so hard for me to find a real BBC in are area that wants to fuck me am i that bad.

We are a married white couple that lives in Illinois next to the Indiana state line .here are a few pics of me .I know I am not a barbie doll type but hell .We any way we have set up sure things the last 2 weekends and all four days where no call no show .Come on Men am I that bad that not one BBC would want me to live out my dream .We have even offer to pay for gas. well here are a few pics and if anyone around here wants to help me out our email is P.S the one pic is old I am shaved now and the other of me touching my self is from last weekend waiting on my first BBC to show but did not this is how I was going to met him.




Enjoy hairy the most.

You certainly could stand to lose a few pounds. To be honest I wouldn't be interested in anything long-term (nor am I in the area), but I am more selective than most.

That said, as much as I see many Bulls lamenting how difficult it can be to find a real woman, I suspect finding a Bull that's a keeper is as hard or even harder.
I don't want to find one to keep I just want to find one that would fuck me and show me what I have been missing.Thanks for the reply.
Hi, I think u're surely hot enough for me. I would have love to fuck ur tight pussy real good.shame we live so far apart... I'm sure u'll find a bull soon.