Why is a BBC so hard to find? White married couple


We are new here found the forum due to getting fed up of trying to find a bbc on the likes of Craig's list etc.

We are a young white couple wanting to try the cuckold experience! However we can't fine anyone black and when we do they done measure up.

We want to do it right and therefore find someone with big girth, not length coz I can't take more than 7inches as husband hits the back of me. I want to be stretched and pulled out so looking for a black man with serious girth.

Hope I've finally come to the right place! Pic attached - can get more if you like

Based in the UK England - can travel around UK, meet or accommodate


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yes don't feel alone we are seeking something that is special and can't seem to find it. Now if we were only seeking BBC for one night stands that we get plenty of offers but its not what we are seeking
I agree, reason for, the couple I met was at the point of giving up when they came across me. We got to know each other first to see if all parties agreed. They have moved to another state but we are still connected. When on vacation we visit each other. I am looking for a couple or single mature white female in the 305-954 area
To be honest since this is our first time if we find the right guy we do just want a one night stand fuck.

Then if we like it which I'm sure we will we will then look st it further.

We just can't find anyone who measures up and are in the uk!


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Tallahassee Here and there seem to be none on the panhandle.
Peace!! U couples need to post you're email and answer replys careful and honestly and seriously bout what u want a fuck or long term bull!
Always be willing to travel for the right bull ! That's the arrangement in this interracial cuckold u make the first move!!