Why I blog about Interracial

I hope my blog achieves two things: the first is to celebrate the beauty and sheer unadulterated sexy-ness of white women. (There are other forums for celebrating women of colour whom it goes without saying we respect equally).

The second is to celebrate, promote and encourage the interracial attraction (specifically between Black men and white women) which is the fastest growing trend in Europe and the US.

As a white guy I have always worshipped and adored white women. They make life worth living in every way. Yes I have a "type" like most people, but this is by no means exclusive. My type is tall, healthy, blonde, brunette, redhead. I like long legs and big boobs, preferably all natural. Does this mean I don't find other women attractive of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes? Of course not - but my type is my type - and if my type is not your type then I am sure there are plenty of other sites that will cater for you!

At the same time over the years my fascination with interracial has grown and intensified, so much so that it is now the central aspect of all my sexual fantasies and fascinations. I have gone from feeling threatened by it, to learning to accept it, to now actively encouraging and promoting it. I will be completely honest: I am now at the stage where whenever I see a beautiful white woman or girl, wherever I may be, my first reaction is to wonder what she would look like on the arm of a powerful dark-skinned Black man before I think of anything else. All my fantasies revolve around interracial, whether they be about an imagined girlfriend or wife or daughter, or about a celebrity, or even about something I've seen whilst out and about living my life.

I have wondered why. Does this make me a "cuckold"? The answer must be yes. But I look at some of the material that pops up under the term "cuckold" and that's definitely not me: I have no interest in being abused or humiliated or told I'm a piece of shit. In fact, that really turns me off. What turns me on is the thrill, the taboo, the glamour - yes, the glamour - of Black male, white female interracial. I love the electric eroticism. I love the tease and the frisson. That's what does it for me!

Why is this? Because in my view - interracial is more intense. White women seem more sexual and more sexualised when they are with Black men. More open, more relaxed, more sexy. Black men can connect with white women on a level that it seems to me most - no, not all, but most - white men simply can't reach. I don't know why - but the connection is there, it is powerful and it is undeniable. And I think this is becoming clear in the fact that white women are increasingly chosing non-white men as partners. Is this something that as a white guy I should fear or get angry about? Once upon a time I did. I felt threatened and powerless. But now, no. It's something I have learned to vicariously love - and it suits my own deeply voyeuristic sexuality perfectly.

So getting back to that question "what is it that I want?" Well the answer is this. To promote the positive celebration and adoration of white women. To carry on promoting the glamorous intensity of interracial. And if I am lucky, to find myself a beautiful white woman who accepts this and enjoys it as much as I do. Are you out there?



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Wow that is pretty much spot on to how I feel mate. There is just something very exciting and appealing to the eye when you see a white woman hand and hand with a black man. It excites me knowing that this woman decided to pass on a man of her own race but instead chose to go with a black man. Maybe a lot of women are more submissive with black men because they are different and arent totally familiar with black men in this way, so its almost an exciting adventure. All I can say is that alot of white women do seem to have a different sexual presence around black men and its stronger.
This is a great post. I'm a white man and i'm also very attracted to white women, i think white women are very hot. I also find white women that date black men more attractive. I like interracial porn (white women/black men) so much that i also feel like i want to encourage white women to date black men. I sometimes feel like encouraging my white female friends to date black men. I sometimes even fantasize about white female friends of mine getting fucked by black men.

When i first started watching porn i only watched white on white porn. After awhile white on white porn became very boring for me. I then started watching interracial porn, i have been watching interracial porn for many years and at the moment i only watch interracial porn (white women/black men).

Like you my fascination with interracial porn has intensified, i like anything that has an interracial theme. Even when i masturbate i fantasize about white women getting fucked by black men.
Hi Guys - thank you for taking the time to reply and I'm please to hear there are others who feel the same way I do! I now don't watch any other type of porn than interracial - it's just way superior - and I hope you appreciate my blog on the subject!
So happy to see your blog back in action! As a like minded white male, I appreciate your efforts greatly and what I love most is seeing all the beautiful white women of the UK who are going Black, which many of us would not know of but for your outstanding work. Thanks!!!
Thank you - and THANK YOU for taking the time to comment on the blog! The most frustrating thing about it is how many "silent readers" there seem to be - few people take the time to comment on the posts which can be disheartening - so thank you for making up for that!