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Why Hello there

My wife and I are on our 17th year of marriage. She just turned 50 and I am 42. We have wondered about sharing her with another man since she has never been with anyone else. In talking about it, she wondered if a color change might be fun. We tried finding someone to meet us on our vacation to be her 50th birthday present, but was unlucky at finding anyone. She has been on here a few times and said I could continue to try since she is to busy to keep an eye on her account. We are willing to travel, but it will take some time to plan a trip. Dont expect this to be a one night thing were she is treated like a piece of meat. We want this to be something special that she never forgets. She is not a slut and hates to act like one. That being said, she loves feeling like a high class call girl when we go on our weekends alone.