Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

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    History of the term Cuckold
    "Cuckold" is derived from the Old French for the Cuckoo bird"Cocu" with the pejorative suffix -ald. The earliest written use of the Middle English derivation, "cockwold" occurs in 1250. The females of certain varieties of Cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird's nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching. In medieval Europe, the law, custom, and the church all defined married women as a category of property held by their husbands. Although Christian marriage vows strictly enjoined sexual exclusivity in a marriage for both partners, custom rarely enf***ed it on the husband (although Catholic doctrine held infidelity by either party to be a mortal sin).

    A nuance of the word often overlooked in contemporary usage is that it refers to a man who, like the bird warming the cuckoo's eggs, is unaware of his victimization. A man who knows and acquiesced, in his wife's taking of another lover was call a "wittol", itself a derivation from the Middle English for "willing (as in knowing) cuckold."

    The cuckold male could be a husband or boyfriend
    There are numerous variations on cuckolding or being cuckolded:

    The cuckold male could be made to only watch the woman dress up to go out for the night, yet knowing she is out looking for another man and there is nothing he can do except wait for her return and either just observe her appearance which is obviously different from when she left.

    Another cuckold male could be made to wait up for her and quietly listen to all the details of her night with another man.

    Then there are the cuckold males who must sit and watch as she brings home a man she has met and has sex while he is in the same room. Other cuckold males may only be allowed to stay in the next room, peek through a crack in the door or hide in a closet to only listen or watch in secret.

    Most of the time, however, the cuckold male is made to sit in the same room and watch. He could be f***ed to wear panties and lipstick to further his submissiveness and humiliation (this is sometimes called sissy cuckolding). While watching he could be laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of what he is wearing and taunted about his inabilities to satisfy the woman.

    There are also cuckold scenarios in which the cuckold male either willingly or demanded to take part in the sexual acts he is observing. This could range from allowing him to lick his wife as preparation for her lover or "fluff", stroke or suck the male, to arouse him for her pleasure.

    Another form of the cuckold participating would be as the one who cleans up by using his tongue on both after they have had sex. In some cases the cuckold male may even be made to give oral sex to the woman's lover or be taken by the male anally.

    In any of these cuckold cases the point it total submissiveness and total humiliation at being the cuckold "victim".

    Why Do So Many Men Enjoy Cuckolding?
    So why do these men enjoy watching? One is that they want to see their wife or girlfriend enjoy sexual fulfillment that they cannot provide. Another is having a small penis and rather than her leave for a better lover it's understood she will stay with him as long as she is in total charge of who and when and how she chooses a sexual partner.

    Another form of being a cuckold male is by pretending he is bound and helpless and f***ed to watch. This is often used when the cuckold male has a wife or girlfriend who is very conservative sexually and a stranger or intruder f***es her to do things she wouldn't even consider with her husband and as this "stranger" continues to ravage his mate she can't help but become totally aroused and begins enjoying what he is doing to her and lets loose like the cuckold mate has always wanted her to do.

    "f***ed" Cuckolding
    By allowing himself to be her cuckold he takes the submissive position and endures the humiliation if it means she will be completely fulfilled sexually. Watching another man have sex with her and seeing her react to him naturally arouses the cuckold male and if allowed to masturbate while watching will have an intense orgasm.

    Many men will not admit they have a submissive side, yet when put in the position of being a cuckold man they find themselves aroused by the humiliation felt as being enjoyable.....So this is wy the cuckold gets turned on by cuckolding.

    Love to hear other people's veiws on what turns them on about cuckolding and sharing their wives with other men especially black men
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    Well i m a white hubby but my opinon is:
    Its very erotic. Seeing the pleasure Tour wife gets. And also for hubby. Knowing he cant give her that but sharing the joy Wirth her
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    I get turned on in a Pub by watching the guys eyeing my wife as if to get a signal that she is available. When I make an excuse to go to the washroom, she almost always has a guy talking and hitting on her by the time I get back. Of course, I take my time getting back. I can always tell if my wife likes a particular guy by the way she makes repeated eye contact with him even when talking to me. What really turns me and I get an instant 'woody' is when she asks me if she can go outside for a few minutes to cool off, and then when she leaves, the guy soon follows. I know it will turn into a car fuck or suck.
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    I think this is a clear case of the "battle of semen".
    Animals like cats, dogs and others must fight between males to have sex. Female animals choose their partners due their strength, health and leadership ability. This is in this way due they're looking for good breedings.
    In some humans there is still a reminiscent of this animal quality.
    In some tribes or clans, some submissive men were subordinated before a leader or Alpha man. This kind of man was more virile, stronger, more dominat and intelligent than the rest. The women from those tribes usually had sex with their leader and the rest of men assisted him in whatever he needed to guarantee pregnancies.
    In modern society some men feel a great excitation when another men have sex with their wives, due the semen competition. This is a rest of our animal instinct or the tribe subordination before a leader.
    Our male animal nature react before the view of our wives having sex with another men in two ways: with feelings of aggresion or excitation.
    The "aggresion" is due for our wishes to dominate the other men, trying to win their places in the reproductive act.
    And the excitation is because the nature encourages us to compete with other men in the search for reproduction, making us turn on.
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    i wish i could explain. hubby and i have talked about this lots. moreso now that we've stopped than when we were riding the rollercoaster.

    i think for him, he's the kind of guy that's very controlled of him self. he's always perfectly composed, alert, focused and extremely aware of himself and his surroundings. he says he cant switch off and he's always thinking two steps ahead, second guessing himself and those around him.

    seeing me with other men, i think, is a chance for him to wilfully lose control. to risk everything. to experience what it feels like to not know what's going to happen to to leave things to chance. to not have control of the situation.

    i thought i was the exciting one who took chances but i don't think i could take the kind of high stakes gambles that he's willing to do.
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    When we were first married, my wife was 36f-24-36 and 105lbs. No one could take their eyes off her body. We were the only people each of us had sex with. I am not a submissive person in my professional life. I did not notice her behavior until I noticed a noticeably looser vagina than her normal small tight one. She denied any extra activity. Our best friend's wife suggested that her husband and I quit working on muscles cars. It did not dawn on me at the time that my wife and well hung friend were doing the deed while I was working cars.

    I got a job in another company in another city. She moved to the other city to start her teaching job while I finished up my job and finalize the move. She immediately met another man in our complex and began a affair with him. When I comforted her she admitted it this time only because I caught them. She told me that he seduced her by listening to her talk about her special ed kids. She said he had kissed her and fondle her several times before she decided to go all the way. One day she dressed in her favorite outfit, a sexy sweater and skirt. and went to his apartment. They kissed and he reached under sweater, loosened her bra, and begin gently twirling her nipples between his fingers. She said she had her first orgasm of the day. He took his penis out and she was shaken. She said she didn't know a penis could be that big. She had to have it. She told me that she couldn't feel me when we had sex while she was seeing him I was going to leave her but she persuaded me not to leave her and she would break off with him.

    About that time, I was offered a job as vice president of another company in another city. I thought this would give us a new start. I threw myself into that job and was very successful. We had three children and everything seemed perfect. I was offered another job as president of a smaller company that didn't require a move. A neighbor told me he heard we were getting a divorce. I asked why and he said that my wife was had been having an affair for several years with another teacher. I dismissed as an attempt to pimp me by an envious neighbor.

    She had worn an outfit to school that day I had purchased for her as a birthday present. It was a sweater with a skirt that buttoned up the front. I had, also, given her color coordinated lingerie to match. I kept day dreaming all day about unbuttoning the skirt and lifting the sweater to reveal her magnificent breasts. I got home earlier than she did. She came home before she went to get the kids at day care. I took advantage of the opportunity to undress her. After playing with her breasts, I laid her down on the bed, unbuttoned the skirt and pulled down her panties. I was shocked. Her pubic hair was matted with dried semen and her vagina was swollen and still dilated. Semen was still leaking. She angrily told me she needed someone that was her sexual equal, some one that was as well endowed as her. She stormed out to get the kids.

    Later we talked. She said she loved me and I was a good father and a good provider. She said I did not fulfill her sexually and she needed that. We spent several weeks trying to decide if we would finally divorce or try to make it work.

    I struggled with what to do. I could not get the image of her being fucked by a well hung lover out of my mind. I know that during this time period, I had eaten leftover creampies and fucked a loose creamfilled pussy several times. It was strange but it turned me on. In order to save our family, we agreed to stay together and she would tell me about her adventures. Now. she comes home and tells me in detail about her after school activity. She tells me how he has her undress, taking her blouse and bra off as she sits on his lap letting her big boobs flop onto his face, She tells me how his big cock stretches her and fills her so much better than I can. Then, more of his cum flows into my mouth as her muscles clinch in another climax. Such is the life of a cuckold.

    By the way, the teacher is a black muscular coach that has a huge cock.
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    Noreen, I would lose control with you too.
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