why does it feel so wrong, but so right ?

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  1. wannabe cuck

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    I'm 40 yrs old and my wife is 37, I have had these feelings for about 2yrs now and instead of going away, they are getting stronger. IM SO DESPARTE TO WATCH MY WIFE WITH A HUNG BLACK GUY. I consider myself as a manly man, and I'm in the process of raising a family, but I just can't get the thought of my wife with a hung black guy out of my head ! I have to admit that I'm also starting to find bbc sexually attractive myself, " I think it's the whole black superiority thing"but hey they do look far superior to us white guy's, maybe I'm turning bi ? Would love to know if anyone has the same feelings or even they will pass. Is this normal ?
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  2. BethLuvsBBConly

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    There is no 'normal'. There are so many varieties of fantasies! All I can say, for us it is the best thing ever and I am having sex much better with black men; finally having multiple squirting orgasms. And hubby loves black cock as much as I do. We wasted years entertaining white guys. IMHO black men seem to embrace the cuckold couple lifestyle.
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    There's nothing wrong with wanting your wife to play with black men.
    As far as yourself wanting BBC I'm sure you can find someone.
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  4. bostonbean

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    If u like it amd she likes it its your normal. Do what your body tells you you live only one time...