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Why do you like to be humiliated?

I asked this in the other forum and got no response. So, I thought I would ask here . . .

I know not all men like to be humiliated, but many in these type of sites seem to like to be.

Why do YOU like to be humiliated?
it wasn't something I was originally interested in, until an ex girlfriend cucked me a couple of times. its a bit of a thrill watching a guy with a much bigger cock take your gf and her enjoying it. its hard to explain really "why" I get so into it, but I do.


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I truly wish I knew the answer to this question. I mean I could give the basic "because it excites me and makes me horny" answer, but I know you are really asking why does it do that and I have no definitive answer.

As far as I can tell, it started with the first time I was cuckolded by my former high school sweetheart when I was about twenty and ended up being in a very perverse and emotionally damaging relationship. It took decades just to come to terms with it and learn to accept myself and the desires that I developed during that period of my life.

Perhaps I became conditioned to associate being humiliated with pleasing my owners and making them happy. For a submissive, the goal of pleasing one's Mistress and/or Master becomes an ingrained need, so perhaps I needed to feel that shame to know I have done everything and given everything including my pride to please them.
The "bull" in that relationship was an exceptionally sadistic prick who got off on finding ways to humiliate me and break my spirit.

No matter, as the Domme who rescued me said, it doesn't really matter how or why it happened as the past can't be changed, it's only how one chooses to use today and tomorrow that counts and I do have a choice.
So now that desire for humiliation is something I am permitted within the safety of the D/s relationship I share with my Wife, to give myself pleasure, as perverse as that may seem to others.
I like to meet honest couples including the cuck who can be honest and say humiliate me in front of her or even alone. Ended up being good friends with 3-4 cucks who still like being humiliated. If any cucks like being humiliated hit me up here.