Why do white men love it that blackmen fuck their wifes

My wife has never had another cock before,i think the contrast/difference for her would be amazing.Watching a blackmans hands/bbc all over her,against her pale skin & to watch her enjoy herself with someone completly different
Can you realy and truly say that if she fuck a blackman you can take it and will not divorce her because once the had that amazing bigblack cock in their cunts they can not get enough of it and she will ceep ficking them


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Well, I'll try to explain my case:

:unsure: I’m not a cuckold husband and I’m not interested to be one of them, but I had so good experience when I started my relation with my wife several years ago.
When I met my wife, Susan, an attractive white and tall European woman:inlove: , she was having a relation ship with a black guy called Mark. He was very different than her in the stetic aspect. He was smaller and shorter than her and he was not handsome.
Some months after our meeting, Susan broke up her relation with him and she became into my girlfriend. I thought she was only interested in black guys, but it wasn't true because I'm caucasian.
Like we had been friend, we had confidence and we used talk about anything including sex.
In one occasion, Susan told me that Mark could make her cum easily when they had sex.
One night speaking by telephone with her, I played her a jock and I asked her if “she’d forced her ex black boyfriend to have sex anytime in the past”.
I asked her this, because she looked strong and tall beside him…but for my surprise she answered me “-Yes, it was not exactly forced sex but it was something like this”.
I asked her to tell me more and she related me part of that story.
She and Mark had been renting an apartment on the beach, for a couple of weeks, when they started their relation.
One morning Mark woke up very excited and looked for Susan. She was having a shower. Then he went beside her to get a bath too. He caressed all her body and licked her breasts during a long time, turning her so hot, until she begged him for make the love. They had sex under the shower inside the Jacuzzi.
Both of them were so excited and Susan felt that she was near to get her orgasm, but Mark couldn’t resist his excitation and soon he left himself go into his orgasm. He felt realized and well, so dried his body and dressed to have breakfast.
Despite Susan, she stayed naked and told him that she needed cum. He answered her that he was hungry and they should go to buffet to have their breakfast. Then Susan became crazy. She went right to the door, locked it by key and took it out throwing it away. She told him “I need an orgasm now, so we are not going to anyway until you get me a good orgasm!”
She got down her knees and took out his pennies from his jeans to put it inside her mouth. At first he refused to have sex again, but the wonderful way of Susan of sucking his gland changed his mind and soon he obtained an incredible erection. Mark closed his eyes and moaned of pleasure.
When Susan took in count he had his pennies hard like a rock, she wished it inside her again, so she hurried up to make a love for second time.
At this part of the tale, I asked Susan if they had made the love over the bed, but she said me “-We couldn’t reach for bed, we made it standing against the clothier. The second time I finally obtained my needed orgasm!”
She didn’t give me more details from the fuck position but I suppose that she made the love in the standing rear entry sex position, bendig her body against the clothier.
I asked her if she had shouted at orgasm’s moment and she answered that she’d shouted a little.
In that moment I felt increased my heartbeat. A big hot sensation turned on, over my head and an electric sensation recovered all my body. I noticed that I had got an incredible erection.
I couldn’t resist asked my girlfriend all type of questions, but she though she had told me enough and she refused to tell me anything more.
Mark gave her a real power virility demostration! He was incredible and I felt a great admiration for him and his power penis! I praised his virile potency and I told her that Mark was a first class male. I couldn’t believe how he did to obtain a new erection only few minutes after to get his first orgasm. I told her that not all men could do that and Mark was so potented man. I tried to ask her if Mark had big pennies, but she refused to answer me. (Some time after the story, she said me that he had a normal pennis).

That story excited me a lot. Several months later, I asked Susan again for that sexual encounter and she only said me “that day I had a terrible excitation”.
She didn’t talk about that topic again and I had to respect her desires.
I tried to find videos or photographs from Susan when she was with Mark and I found a couple of photographs from the beach apartment where they were stayed. One of these was from the room with the clothier where they had sex. I could imagine that moment. I’ve read her intimate diary from that year and I looked through the pages searching for some annotation about that incredible sexual encounter but I only found a little reference with “today in the morning we made the love twice”.
More than ten years has passed since we are together and some weeks ago I told her “I would turned crazy of pleasure if I could had watched you and Mark having sex that morning, because you wasn’t my girlfriend in that time”.
Susan showed herself a little surprised with my words and she answered me that she'd forgotten Mark several years ago.
But I told her that remember her sexual relations before me was not bad, in special because that stories excited me a lot.
I said her that I didn't know what had she found in Mark at first but now I knew that he was a good lover, so viril and potent, a real male.
Since that day when Susan told me about her experience with her ex boyfriend, I have a fetish with interracial relations...
I loved watching her with the black guy she had for awhile. It was awesome how she did things and would sit around in her jeans only and he would play with her tits and get her hot and do her doggie style.It is erotic to see and very awesome to watch.hard to explain why I love it so much lots of reasons I guess.
Why is it that when whitemen talked they always say that they love that blackmen fuck their wifes and they love to watch and is this treu
I cannot speak for everyone, or for anyone for that matter! In my case anyway it stemmed I think, from an experience I had when I was just 12 or 13 years old. It was while I was attending an air cadet camp, at a military base and in another part of the country. Where I grew up we had no black people. Other than seeing a picture of them in a movie, on TV or in a magazine or book, that was as close as it got. So when I saw my first black man in person, I was absolutely fascinated! I was so naive that I, at that time for whatever reason, thought that black people were only had black faces and hands. I honestly don't know why, just childish naivety I guess. (No offense intended). As you can imagine, as with any military installation, the showers were all in one large room and privacy was never intended to be a consideration and consequently didn't exist. That's were I saw my first black man in "au natural!" Then several evenings later after a baseball game, several other cadets and I headed for the showers. I might mention at this point, I was the youngest cadet at camp that year. Others ranged my my age to 22 years old. Anyway, as we entered the shower there was this black guy masturbating (that was also a first for me ... regardless of color) and his cock appeared huge to us! I might add that he was also one of the older cadets. Afterwards, when my friends and I would talk about it, it just seemed to grow more and more with each conversation. In fact, when we left to return home, one of the cadets had it estimated it to be at least 24 inches long and 12 inches thick! Of course that definitely was not the case, but it some of our juvenile minds that's the proportions it eventually ended up as! As I reached my later teens and discovered the things that the young ladies were willing to share with me, I began to ponder that black guy in the shower and how he might get that monster of his into a white pussy! This then became a fantasy and one which I later shared with my wife. And, as they say, the rest is history. About 18 months ago my old university friend and room mate, Edwin, had the pleasure of introducing my beautiful wife to the pleasure of his massive big black nightstick!:rolleyes:;):dance:


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My wife has also never had another cock. A large thick black cock, deep inside my wife and her making noises i could not make her have, plus the contrast of skin color is just fucking hot.