Why do so many black men want our butts?

I think there is some truth to the idea that black men are more likely to suggest anal sex. As with other assertions that have gained a level of acceptance the idea it may be true helps create some degree of reality. Also the stigma of anal sex as more extreme makes many men hesitant to suggest it thinking a nice girl wouldn't do that. So the combination of the idea that black men are more sexually aggressive and are more likely to want anal sex more makes it easier for a black man to propose anal. And in situations where the woman is looking for an interracial encounter there is likely an expectation for a heightened sexual experience, which encourages a willingness to try different things.

This idea has actually been part of the black fantasy my wife & I share. My wife admitted the idea of anal sex was initially not exciting for her & even though she was willing to do it if I wanted I never pushed for it. So far she has wanted to keep the idea of a sexual encounter with a black man as only a fantasy but the suggestion he would want to have anal sex has become a recurring theme in these fantasies. So this act has now become something she is saving for a black man. I will often suggest wanting to have anal sex but she just tells me I should know she only does that with her black boyfriends. I think it actually turns me on more being denied than if we actually had anal sex.

This has also been a theme with oral sex. My wife will give me a blowjob but she would never let me cum on her face or in her mouth. So this has now become part of our black fantasy, where she will blow me but when she senses I am getting close she just finishes me with her hand. Like anal sex the more I beg her to let me cum in her mouth the more she insists she only lets her black boyfriends do that. This teasing seems to turn her on also so I am wondering how much the idea of doing things like this with a black man excites her even though she never has been keen on the idea of doing them with me.
I probably should have mentioned that I HATED it that first time and actually ended up crying and sitting in the bathroom in pain, afterwards. Later on, I wanted to try it again, because I knew Deke liked it. After a few gentle sessions I ended up liking it, then finally craving it! Now I enjoy it on occasion, but it's not something I do all the time.


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From our experience it is a dominance/submissive situation where anal sex is the final and total submission to a lover. Amie and I had been married for several years before I shared her with black men. Up until then she had never allowed me to take her ass, claiming it was too uncomfortable for her.
Needless to say I was shocked when I watched her have sex with a black man the first time. I couldn't believe it when she willingly and eagerly let him invade her backside with his big bare black cock. She told me afterwards that when she is with black lovers she is willing to do allow them to do anything they want to her with nothing off limits. She feels so submissive to them and the more dominant they are the better. While I cannot speak for the black men she has been with, I imagine they sense her submissiveness and anal sex is the last boundary to be crossed to total domination.
It was definitely a dominance and submission thing for me - you can read my comment above for the description. And I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking about why, how; and reasons or thoughts about this. That is, until somebody asked this question and I put in my two cents! But I don't do anal with my husband at all! He just don't got it like that! Really enjoyed the "nehighlander" comment...I can relate!