Why do I get so rucking turned on being ducked by my wife by BBC?


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I am lying here in the spare room listening to my beautiful wife moan in extasy as her regular BBC is buried deep inside her in my marital bed next door; on top of that I have just watched them ruck for over 4 hours downstairs in the living room and I might add it's cost me over £200 because our bulls car broke down so paid for it as I reasoned that if he had not been coming here to ruck my wife it would not of happened !? What the ruck is king on with me? All I want is for Mrs inked to be enjoyed and enjoy herself?
Hell, looks to me like the best investment money could ever buy!! Those of us truly living the life got it so damn good and we'd give them whatever they want or need because it drives a cucks being. If you have some unique plan to spend it after you are dead and gone.... well damn it... down the crapper! BUT, if you like it then support it and share with us schmoes enjoying your agony. :)