Why block posts?

I guess this is more a post of the moderators than anything else. What is the purpose of blocking posts on the main page that call out people posting fake pictures? From my perspective that lowers the credibility of the site and makes me less likely to visit. Not to mention it's annoying as all hell to think someone knows a post is fake but would rather let it go than call out the person and keep the site at least someone full of legit people.

I have pointed out many of them and each time my post is not approved and I know others have as well. The latest one is this one http://www.blacktowhite.net/2014/05/26/looking-big-black-cocks/

A quick google image search will show you this is a model named Karla Chacin. Her Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/pages/KARLA-Chacin/404344052981982

I would estimate at least half of those home page posts are fake. I know almost every one I have checked (which I only do every once in a while) has come up stolen from the internet model web site or from a Facebook page.


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OK. now I see what you are talking about.

I really don't know what to say about it as my realm of responsibility is here, inside the discussion forums. For the rest, you would have to ask the website owners, which you can do via the 'Contact Us' tab at the bottom right of most pages. However, they are often slow to respond as they are in Europe and have other priorities.

My guess, would be that they don't want controversy and negative bickering on the home page of the site as that looks just as bad, if not worse than the fakes. Who wants to join a site that people just point fingers at each other and make accusations. We had a lot of that going on here in the forums a while back and it got pretty ugly for a while.
It's even worse in my opinion to have fakes you know are fakes and leave them. Makes it look like a site full of men trying to pretend to be women. Why not check them before allowing them since it takes about 30 seconds. If they have the time to moderate the posts that are actually calling them out how about just taking a few seconds to check them first? And if someone is doing the job for you and points it out whey then leave the fake up? That's the part that is pretty sketchy. If the mod knows it's fake and allows it then it says a bit about the site no? The only other logical explanation is that these are known fake and posted by mods to try and attract visitors.


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I would guess that a significant percentage of the people here aren't totally honest in some fashion. It ranges from exaggerations to out and out fakes. If I run across someone I don't like I ignore them. Same thing goes for "women" requesting pictures of my erection, or other similar requests. I have met some nice interesting people here and I have ran into a few fakes, jerks or just plain unpleasant people. This is pretty much the case with any social organization. So I enjoy the people like, and ignore or avoid the ones I don't, pretty much like any other social organization I belong to.

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If these are all the cases. Why not just charge a small fee. All verified "real" members just can interact with each other. This was once a good polished site, without the nonsense.. Things of this nature makes it hard for people to meet a match to whom they maybe seeking. Even though this not a dating site, just a forum to discuss interracial relationship. Which people still have a misconception of.


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Charging fees is pretty much the kiss of death for a website, especially one that does generate advertising income.

As far as the blocking and posts and checking authenticity:
blocking can be done automatically be utilizing key words. The eliminates having to have a real live person verifying and accepting new members 24 hours per day. Try typing ch ild without the space into a post in this forum and see what happens. Betcha a nickel it changes it to baby. (I figure if I get enough nickels I can retire from here.)

Same thing as far as trying to see if someone is legitimate at the time they are applying to join, no one is going to pay someone to waste time trying to ID where material comes from. Just because you may recognize something as being hijacked from other sites you frequent, doesn't everyone else is familiar with those images or websites.

I assume EVERY photo I see on here is from a porn site unless it is clearly amateur and has some positive ID in it like the ones people use to become 'Real People", but even something like those can be faked if you are any good with a photo program.

So fakes are going to end up on here. How do we know YOU aren't all fakes????:unsure:
For that matter, how do I know that I'm not really just a fat, old, bald white guy sitting at a computer ... oh ... that's right ... never mind. :rolleyes:

Unless a the request comes in from an IP address known to be a spammer, it is going to be accepted and remain unless it becomes associated with spam or major violation of rules and such.
Otherwise, if we just start banning IPs because someone says someone else is a fake and shows us some sort of photo-shopped "evidence", eventually we could end up deleting damn near everybody. :(
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