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Why be a cuck when you can take it?

I struggled for a long time with my desires. I have never met a woman who would let her be taken by a black man.

It took a lot of soul-searching but I made the decision that I would do it myself. What is a cuck? I would love a woman to share my desires but I love black men. Why not fulfill my passions?

I was married for 16 years. A year after my divorce I painted my nails, lipstick, shaved my legs, bought lingerie I wanted my ex to wear, got DRUNK, and was laying on my back, white stockings and red heels in the air, getting fucked by a 8 inch thick black cock that hurt sooo good. I literally quivered.

That is the only time I have been fucked. Blowjobs are the only thing since.

If you want to be a cuck. Submit. I am so glad I did.