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Let me tell you about me. I am from Mexico and I am in love with a great man. He is incredible in manny ways but he has a small dick. We have been married for 10 years and he is the only one that I have had sex with and it still is wonderfull. However I have reached a point in my life were I want to try new things that include fucking a very ondowed black man. That leads me to ask the following.


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.... I have reached a point in my life were I want to try new things that include fucking a very ondowed black man. That leads me to ask the following.
re: Why Are You On This Site?

You weren't specific as to who you were addressing, but I imagine it all depends as to whether you're a female or male, and/or whether you're black or white? Don't you think? You indicate you are a couple, however your post leads us to believe you are specifically the female of that couple. If you're addressing the other ladies of this forum, I believe you've probably answered your own question for the most of them.

I'm a married, white male, and even though my avatar pictures my wife and me, I represent/speak for myself, not her. I'm "biracial curious", and tend to believe that a more heavily endowed man is capable of giving my wife pleasures that I'm probably unable to give her. I'm not into the "fetishes" of cuckolding however ... no domination, humiliation, eating someone else's creampies, master-slave, cocklocks, etc etc. Its strickly "pleasure" for all involved. We do seem to be "blessed", however, with an abundance of bi-sexual, white males on this site. Mac :)
I am on the site for the following reasons:
1. I am a white male with a strong desire to be in a cuckold relationship with a white lady who has a fetish for black men. Most of the white ladies on this site obviously like black men but I'm also hoping I can find one who may also be interested in a long-term caring and supportive cuckold relationship. Maybe a long shot but when you've got a fetish like mine it's about trying your luck wherever you can!
2. I just love the beauty, taboo and erotica associated with interracial sex between white women and black men.
3. It's great to communicate with people who have similar passions whether they be white women, white men or black men.
So a combination of all of the above really keeps me coming back. Wayne
I am a happily married Latin male; married to a beautiful Latina (she's beautiful inside and out). Our sex life has deminish because of everyday life factors; work, raising kids, finances, etc. We still have good sex whenever we can, but I want to "spice it up". Among the solutions proposed by me was the one of letting her experiment with another guy since I'm the only one she had sex with. This has lead me to fantisize of her enjoying another cock. Then the "taboo" of her being with a black man got my interest. She has flatly said no. However, she has allowed me to post pics of her in here; a step on the right direction and the only way at this point for me to share her. Maybe with time, she might want to experiment the "dark side". For now, I'm here in this website to read and share fantasies with other people that think alike.
My husband and I are looking to be a little wild, adventurous even. He's fucking two other Hispanic women right now; I'm looking to experience sex with a bbc. I've never been with a black guy before, nor have I ever even dated one. I just want to see if the stereotypes are true. Right now...I'm just looking for a one-time experience. If I like it...who knows? Maybe I'll continue. I don't know. I do, however, know I enjoy watching my husband pound other pussy.