Why are white women drawn to black men


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When i see good looking white woman or a white woman with a nice body something happens my the blood in my body starts flowing my muscles get hard my brain has a immediate response to start pumping more oxygen to my brain my pupils dialate i can feel my animal instincts kicking in and alk i can think about is sex white women are sex to me great amazing mind numbing sex i belive they are drawn to us black men because they have a desire to be owned sexually they want to be taken and ravaged by a superior male that is why they are drawn to black men it is in a white womans DNA to mate with a superior male and wht on this earth is superior to a black male.
Why I'm Drawn to Black Men!!!

There are a number of things I love about FUCKING FOR A BLACK MAN.
One: is a black man takes you for what you are. One of the things I got tired of with my husband over the years is that it became once or twice a month and over in fifteen minutes for him as long as he came WE HAD SEX WTF!!.
A black man will take me for what I am AND love it and because of this when I can, I all decked out for a black man I get super turned on for him, because I know it turns him on. I do it BECAUSE I WANT TO.

Two: I've always loved hard sex & a black man gets turned on pounding me where as my husband just wanted to get off and he was done. I love having LONG sex fests & LOTS of foreplay & COCK worship! I love it how a black man worships my body especially my ass!

Three: I never really liked anal sex till I had it with a black man AND now I can't have enough black dick in my ass! When I married my husband I really didn't like it doggy style but black men turned me on to that AND black men have taken it to the next level.

I've had affairs that he doesn't know about AND I also just love how it turns a black man on to fuck my married ass!


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During a recent conversation with my wife, she made this simple comment: "Black men just know their way around a woman's body." She continued to talk about the fact that they take it nice and slow and she feels like the total center of attention. Amie also said that her friends that have had black lovers have told her their experiences were the similar and how great the lovemaking was.


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That's taking things too far, expatdad. Most people would fall asleep today reading books on Roman history, when they would much prefer watching the classic movie or TV series version of 'Spartacus'.

Here's the book I want others to read: http://www.amazon.com/A-Renegade-History-United-States/dp/B004VD3YZA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376831219&sr=8-1&keywords=renegade american history
Different strokes for different folks. There are also many novels set in the period such as those by Simon Finch.

The world of Augustus/Tiberius/Caligula and Claudius were tempestuous periods of unbridled sexual excesses in which Black Males played their full part.
Correction: White women have always been attracted to black men. Read American history prior to the Jim Crow laws invention and you'll learn a lot of what might surprise you.
Your statement is very true but you should not have stop there. White men have always been attracted to black women. Again read American history prior to and after the Jim Crow laws. We have been mixing races for hundred of years and everybody seem to think that this is something new. Sorry people we are only continuing what our ancestor start a long time ago.


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Only about 10 percent of Caucasian women cross the color barrier. There is the belief that black males are superior in bed and/or better equipped than other races. This isn't entirely true. It is entirely possible to find a black male with a pencil dick or a male with a big cock that doesn't know how to use it. As far as size the current largest documented cock belongs to a WHITE guy in New York City, he is around 13" or a little more. My personal preference is for pale skinned redheads, why I have no idea but a redhead will get me harder quicker than anything else. A lot of a sexual encounter takes place between the ears. If a woman expects that she is going to experience a great deal of pleasure and multiple orgasms she likely will. One thing I find interesting is that more than one woman has told me that she will do things to me and with me that she would never do with her husband.