Who initiated bring a black man into your marriage?

  • Husband Convinced Wife

    Votes: 45 57.7%
  • Wife Convinced Husband

    Votes: 15 19.2%
  • Mutual Desire

    Votes: 18 23.1%

  • Total voters
Just like the man answered about why he climbed Mount Everest,because it was there! I first got started taking BBC from my neighbors,two black men and then some of their friends. Why did I get up on that big black dick?...Because it was there!


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My wife was always turned on by black guys and had been fucked by one before we were married but it was quite a few years later that the issue came up again and we became involved in blacksexing.
i was the "good wife' and never brought it up.... but when I finally divorced and told m son I was dating a black he said "duh... you think I didn't know you liked that?" ...and he has never seen me even on a casual date with a black... not out of any problem, just out of schedule conflicts and we had parted ways befre it was time to meet the son....
I guess I was the first to bring it up directly but I'm not sure she wasn't dropping hints before. Ultimately it was a decision we both made together. It started with some joking around ... then a few shared pics and stories from the internet ... then a couple conversations with BBC'd guys by email ... then the process of finding that "right" guy ... then the coffee shop meeting ...

We hadn't really decided to go ahead with it but that first guy was so good in our initial in-person conversaton. It was like he was fishing with a 3 lb test line to reel in a 40 lb fish. Reeled us right in. She and I had agreed prior to the meeting not to do it that day but after about an hour of conversation we found ourselves in the motel next door.

Once in the room he was done with the 3lb test line. Within minutes he had my girl's clothes off ... had her on her knees. He told me to strip and sit on the other bed ... which was a command I instinctively knew not to ignore. He seemed quite amused at her efforts to fit him into her mouth and said, "I'll bet you can fit your guy's little dick in with room to spare." She gazed up at him and nodded. After that he basically fucked her brains out ... she loved it and it excited me too.

So, yeah ... we both made the decision ... and there's no turning back.


Yeah I could say the very same here, joint decision, it had always been a sexual fantasy of mine for a while. Met my sexy wife had Great Sex with her, and one day she produced a long black replica cock, we had plenty fun with that let me tell you, all the other Sex toys got kinda over looked, and from there our fanticies grew together, she was always Hot during our sex sessions when she took me in her mouth and ploughed that big toy in and out. We then took our own bedroom play out into world outside, and it is a Big world out there, we would go into Hotels, bars and clubs to begin with, hooked up with some bbc, a few were let downs, so we changed our tact meeting through web sites, which proved to be better for us, no small talk, each knows whats expected of each other, and the sex is always amazing I just love going in after shes had her fill and shes soaking with all the Sex fluid. So for us it was a mutual decision, shes happy and me too, we love each other and love Sex.


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With me, hubby spent a couple of years convincing me to do it, but am glad he did. I had been a bit worried about the size, about black guys being ok with me (which they have been nice), about hubby still loving me (which he does) etc. once those worries were over i could enjoy myself.
It was mutual for us, but a friend of ours was really where it started. We were getting drunk one night and played truth or dare. When asked about cheating on her husband she noted it really wasn't cheating because her husband knew about it either before or after. That's really where it started.
Mutual... kinda. Early in our marriage she said she wondered what it would be like to be "molested" by 2 guys. Mentioned it TWICE. The first time got my attention but I let it go since she was likely to say ANYthing that came to mind. The second time I thought " Uh huh...she's interested in a 3some.....niiice" which led to Hotwifing before there was an internet to even define the term. It was my idea to get her in bed with a hugely hung black guy.....she said back off on the "huge" part a little and didn't care what color the guy was as long as he was cool and clean.