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who's from South Africa?

Guys, don't even waste you time, I reckon white men and women in South Africa don't do enough to recruit other white women and men to come and join in the community, so this community is doomed from the start.
I think black man are responsible for the lack of white women in this lifestyle ...

You have to be blind not to see the hate from black people...

South Africa is the rape capital of the world and the stats tells the story ...
Its not blacks that is to blame ...go look at the numbers % of bad blacks is less than % of scum whites ,its just there is millions more blacks here than whites. The problem is white people that still make rude remarks and stares to white women who loves black cock. I am a white boertjie (real afrikaans ) and i have the utmost respect and admiration for the white women that are fucking black men , as they are honest to them self and brave enough to also look at their own needs and desires and go get it. I will always stand up for the and protect the white women that fuck black men ..they are true hot blooded women
Yah don't blame the black people for feeling insecure
Not everyone is the same
A lot of people are missing out because of being insecure
Sometimes a black man might not approach a white lady because of the reaction he might get
South Africa is still facing racial problems not all white people are still racist and not all black men are Rapist people should stop judging from what they see on News
Remember there'sonly one life