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Looks like Jan B., she has put some nice cuckold oriented stuff out.

I like the basic idea behind this: the position, cream pie etc., but not the way this was done.
First, the white guy is just laying there waiting instead of doing something of value like licking her clit. Fuck, you'd think this is just a spectator sport or something the way they always show the "cuckolds" just sitting around watching and jerking off. :furious:
Wake up, there's pussy that could use a good licking there people, cuckolding is supposed to ADD to the wife's pleasure. You got a tongue so use the damn thing! Otherwise, go wash the dishes or do something useful.

Second, while I'm not opposed to the bull using the cuck's mouth as a cum dump (especially as a humiliation scene), I'd prefer he cum balls deep in the pussy for a nicely loaded cream pie and then had the cuck lick and suck him clean before letting him enjoy eating his wife's creamy cunt. A well filled cunt ensures that the cuck will get to enjoy licking and sucking his wife's pussy for quite a while, giving them a chance to bond and for her to enjoy some extra orgasms while relaxing on her husbands face. :)
Plus, by the time cucky has her cunt nice and clean, her bull might be ready to give it a refill. :D