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Whoring my Wife to BBC

Should I continue to whore my wife out or just let her date?

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My ex it starnot really into thatted out wanting to watch her be a slut for BBC. I posted some adds in the beginning found a lot of black guys and she really liked the idea of me helping her out getting dressed slutty for her dates and really turned me on. We also got a lot of replys from white guys and she said not really into it and I said what about making them pay? I thought this was hot not only will she be a slut for BBC but also a very slutty whore. She said if u think you can set it up go for it and I did. Back then there were limited sites to post but found a few and got a good response. Set up her first trick and so her whoring carrer was up and running. She wound up telling her one Bull about it and he said he was her pimp now and was running the show. I still answered the phones and set up her tricks and drove her to some of her meetings. It was very very hot and worked out for all of us.