who will you fuck

Charlie Hustle

Real Person
I am thinking number one and three. With Number one I would start slowly from behind with her saree pulled up over her waist as I played with her silky lower lips before pushing her gently to her knees and filling her mouth with my cock until finally fucking her hard and fast in her wet pussy and slow and deeply in her tight brown hole. As for number three she'd stripped down to just her jewelry, shoes and make up, stood in front of a full length mirror with her hands tied above her and ankles tied pulling her legs apart allowing easy access to every part of her. Then later perhaps I would bring them both together help increase my understanding of distance cultures.
come on guys tell me i need it to be more erotic
As for three, leaned over and kissed her. l would lifted her sari off her, . I would put my tool him in her mouth
will then lift her up , kneel and began licking her aching pussy. l will then stand up, slip my cock in her, and burried it deep. . l will then leaned over kissed her again, and picked her up. With her legs wrapped around me and my cock deep inside her, continue fucking her like crazy. l would toss her around and fucked her in 4 different positions.