who wants to seduce my wife?

Pretty much everyone wants to nail her. How does she feel about it?

Edit: She looks very familiar. You didn't repost the pics by any chance?


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she knows of my fantasy but hasnt acted on it. doesnt know im on here. she has to be seduced
Attempting to have her seduced can be a really bad idea. There are a lot of things that are far better fantasies than they are in reality. Surprising your wife with a bull is one of them. If she agrees to be seduced that is one thing, surprising her with a bull is altogether something else. Several years back a man asked me to seduce his wife and assured me that she was on board. She quickly realized why I was there and definitely wasn't agreeable. She started screaming that he had set her up to be raped by some n----, she went totally ballistic threatened to call the cops if I didn't get out. I did so immediately. They ended up getting divorced. You want to make damn sure she is agreeable or at best your sex life is going to be a choice of your left or right hand, and at worst an expensive divorce. You need to understand that only about 10% of the population indulge in IR sex. You end up in divorce court and she tells the judge what you tried the odds are 9 in 10 he will be totally sympathetic to her point of view.

I love women in and out of bed. I have a passion for Caucasian redheads, but I always want to share my bed with women that wants to share my bed. In most states if a woman ends up in bed with someone and she was tricked, drugged or forced it is rape and it can get you a hefty prison sentence. and she will get a very generous divorce settlement