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Who wanna be next ?

Do you like my work ?

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she came out with it a few months ago that she wants it, so we were gonna try find someone local or she was gonna try pick a black guy up at a bar or something along those lines..
the pictures are more for me tbh but i'm sure it'll make her want the real thing more!
Sure hope, she's a hot little slut!


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thanks! i'll be sure to upload the pics when we get around to doin it!
She'll thank you for letting her get blackened but be ready for her to want more and if you've already discussed it with her and she's into it, she'll get some black cock with or without you!


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Well i'm well endowed as it is so if she gets black cock, it's gonna have to be over 9 inches long! she wants dp with a black cock and me which i'm more than happy to do, and if she loves it i'd be happy for her to do it again!
Haha, I am also pretty well endowed, 8.5" but she says white guys don't do it the same. Not sure what the difference is but she says you could blindfold her and she could tell a white guy from a black guy.