Who started it?

Who started it?

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I am curious who In the couple typically starts these types of relationships.
wow, I think this is a tricky question, actually, because it really all depends on why the cuckolding is desired. Keeping the sex exciting between a couple that's been married 10-15 or more years CAN be a major challenge, and dangerous to the relationship if it is not addressed properly. That said, I think ......

For women, usually they cuckold their husbands because they're not being sexually satisfied at home ... he's become lazy, sex has become routine, he's terrible in bed, has a small cock that can't seem to please her, etc, etc. When a woman cuckolds her husband, its often about the affection she's missing at home, and hubby often doesn't even know she's screwing around on him. This is true cuckolding.

For men, its strictly for the excitement. Sex has become boring with the wife, and he needs help to restore his sexual excitement & enthusiasm, or because he's become unable to sexually please his wife due to impotence, etc and is making concessions to allow her to find sexual gratification. It can also be because the husband has bi-sexual tendencies that need attention, and bringing another man into the lovebed gives him the chance to fulfill his homosexual side . I think a better word for a man who encourages his wife to have sex with other men is wittol.

It's hard to say whether cuckolding is voluntary or actual cheating, as well over 70% of marriages have a spouse that cheats sometime during the marriage.


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I understand those perspectives, but what I am really wondering is no mater what the motivation, who initiated the process first?
My experience is that the woman starts its as a form of sensual/sexual necessity when the husband has a health issue or "not like is used to be" or because she just never had BBD before. And again, (in my experience), the man either sent the wife to me to collect my sperm, to video me fill her pussy with my black seed (nor condom), or just to watch me fuck the hell out the wife.

My response, the wife, which is based on the online and face to face conversations and meeting that I've had with couples is that the woman has the need and she presents it to her husband and the husband complies and places a profile on many of the adult-oriented websites (AFF and others), to screen the BBD candidates (and photos). [Unfortunately here at B2W, sans two, husbands "claim" they are seeking BBD for their wives and are ACTUALLY here to collect photos of BBD to satisfy their closet gay BBD fantasies].


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We have always had black friends but she never showed any interest in them when we were around them and partied with them.But one night when we were watching some porn with a interracial couple in it and her pussy was soaking wet and she fucked me like a mad woman. So I started getting movies with black studs fucking blonde women and we started talking about it and she gets real horny. But she didn't want to talk about fucking any of my black friends until that day at the lake when my friend showed up and when I was leaving on his jetski I said stay away from him and that monster he has in his pants. When I got back she was riding that 12 inch black snake like it would be her last and she still fucks him regular.


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A lot of hubbies do initiate it. However, from my experience, 80% of hubbies who desire to initiate this are usually cowards when it comes to presenting it to their wives. However, when women desire that they want a lover, they make up their minds and go for it.

Example, a lot of hubbies who're presently in this forum right now, talk about wanting their wives to become involved in it, but a lot of them are too afraid to to take a bold step of letting their wives know.
In my case, I have had several partners who cuckolded me. In the very first case, she was just a bit slutty, and when she learned that I had submissive tendencies and did not object, in fact was turned on by her cheating (she gave a friend a BJ at a party), she was at first hesitant, but slowly, as I assured her more and more that I would not dump her if she had sex with other men, she finally did it. She ended up having a long term lover while I was away for a year, and she told me all about it. It was incredibly exciting to me to hear about it.

In the second case, she had fantasies of DP, gang bangs, etc and loved the idea of being a whore or a slut. I explained that I would love her to be, and so our fantasies matched pretty well together. She had sex with several other men while we were together, and loved it. She also denied me sex, which I enjoyed, as she truthfully told her the sex with ALL of the other men was better than with me. I enjoyed hearing that so much, and I knew she was not just saying it to appease me, either. It was true. So, no penetrative sex for me, just lots of oral on her.

In the third case, she was at first put off by my fantasy, but later came to like the idea. We had really enjoyable sex together (yes, things change- I was some how a better performer with her) and she grew confident that having another lover would be fine, so she did it.

I suppose in each case it was almost a mutual thing, with me either giving approval or initiating it.


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We have a different story. After alot of bedroom play it became clear that the idea of being taken by multiple guys, bondage, sex slave, ect made her hot. Then it was just a matter of talking things thru and convincing her that it was ok to pursue her slut activities. Somewhere along the way it turned out she liked black cock best and here we are. So I'm not sure who actually initiated things, she was always a slut deep down I just brought it out of her by providing a safe enviroment to be herself.