Who is into ws?

Are we talking about slip-n-slides in the backyard??
Sure, just depends what you're using to create the slip for the slide! lol

It's not bad, I don't really have a desire to pee on anyone, but it's been done to me and it was fun knowing it turned him on, but that's about all it did for me.
I have to admit that as I explore my darker perversions I'm finding this more arousing an idea. In part because it is so taboo, but also because it seems weirdly very intimate as it's usually such a private act.

I must be f**ked up :)
I love em. Had this fantasy-was with this guy named Saul Hansen-handsome as hell gent. Making love to him in between dips.-Beautiful black man-into snakes as well. (Growl)
Ws is the only fetish of mine stronger than cuckolding.

Wife isn't a fan but indulges me occasionally.

It's been way too long, though 20 minutes would be too. I think it was June last and it was the only time she did it to me out of the tub/shower. Also the only time she let me put my mouth directly up to her "during" and even lick her clean. I'd cum almost immediately when she started but by the time I was licking, I'd gotten hard again and came again while sucking my fingers clean... mmm. I cannot wait to do it again.

Literally the fastest I've cum consecutively that I can remember. Minutes apart. Unreal.
I was sprayed upon by my bull in past, especially when he has his other girls involved. He will line us up after the sessions and drench us with his pee. We'll never felt it as erotic but one his girls got turned on getting sprayed.