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Who I am

Dear All
I'm not new to cuckoldry. I am kind, healthy, considerate, debt free and employed. I attract women. But then they find that whilst I can satisfy them with my mouth, I rarely can with my cock. Soon after this a bull always enters my life. I lost the girl I should have grown old with because of my stupid attitude problem. She had her Bull, a powerful, dominant young Black Man who used her the way she wanted... and I lived with a beautiful girl who let me lick her pussy almost everyday.
After a year of escalation from cuckoldry to servitude, she asked me to prove my respect and obedience by sucking his cock for her. I refused, unable to do something so gay. Then she ordered me to. 'Suck cock or lose me' was the option. I'm not sure I believed her, but anyway, I refused. She left. She gave me no opportunity to change my mind.
I lost her. Since then I have found cuckoldry suits me and I've returned to this situations. But I've been determined not to let my pride cost me a relationship. I know that this cross-roads is coming again and I must make a plan.
I will update the forum when I've news.