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White Wives: Taken by BBC on your wedding night

Complete the following statement, "I...

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Gotta ask this question: White married women - were any of you taken by a black bull on your wedding night (or the night before)? Or wish you had been...

If so...share your story for the forum. I've only taken a girl on her bachelorette party night, the night before. One day, I'm going to claim a newly minted bride...

Can't think of a more commanding ways of claiming a white woman than to take her in her wedding dress and fill her full of thick black seed.

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Not on my wedding night, but a week after I got married I had my first ever BBC. I wore my wedding reception dress,my wedding rings and bridal heels. Will forever remember my 1st time with it only being days after my anniversary, extremely naughty wife!

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Was your husband in on it? Or did you have to get it on the side?
I just wish I had fucked a BBC the day before my wedding, though I did fuck an ex boyfriend about 4 days before my wedding when I was getting cold feet. Sex was hot and he had a bigger cock than hubby but he had his flaws. Glad I got married but I think about my ex a lot too!!
Why just the night before? Not that I'd turn either down. But my preference would be to take you after you got married. I'd love to be first man to pull your wedding dress up, bend you over and claim your married pussy hard and deep, with your white stockings and heels still on.

But I also wouldn't turn down the opportunity to send you down the isle with your pussy and ass filled with my thick black seed from the night before either....